Sunday Snippet: All Things Bright And Beautiful… A GiveAway Winner.

Last Sunday I posted Sunday Snippet: All Things Bright and Beautiful – A GiveAway…
and promised the winner by today.


Firstly thank-you so much to all of you folk who entered… And thanks again to Christian Book Distributors, who supplied the book.


The winner was carefully selected, as usual, by Hood #6, who has no bias or leaning towards letters or numbers and so no preference for any of you!!!


Anyway, I wrote out a list of comment numbers for her,


And she carefully stuck them onto a piece of baking paper…


Until she was done:


And then we turned the sheet over.


And then we gathered some Bright and Beautiful Zoo biscuits…


And placed one on each dot…




And while she was deciding, which of all the pink biscuits to take, some one who has just turned two swooped in, literally and chose:


See, she can do it too!!!


So we put a star on the spot…


And some general swooping happened:


We turned the paper over and looked for the star:


That would be:




And comment #3 was:
Sands // Jan 12, 2010 at 1:06 pm
Hope all is well. Would love to enter…

Congratulations to you – We hope you enjoy your book…!!!

And to all the rest of you… Keep on entering!!! Better luck next week when I have another fabulous GiveAway for you…

6 Replies to “Sunday Snippet: All Things Bright And Beautiful… A GiveAway Winner.”

  1. Hi K-M, You know a post is a post and one must… do one’s best!!! Oh I just wish everyone could win!!! It is just awful to let all those folks down… Lots of Love…

  2. I had just visited your blog but had not seen this post. When checking the e-mail I saw the Congrats… I am so excited…

  3. Yes I was going to make that same comment as KM – gone are the days of ‘picking a number out of hat’……….. when you can eat the ‘number’ with Seven + 1
    Well done – You are truly unique 🙂

  4. Thanks Shells… The least I can do is disappoint most of my competitors gently!!!! Who knew “GiveAway Winner Posts” would be so well read!!! You have a great day…

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