Saturday Spot: The Good Hope Nursery…

A couple of weeks ago we went for a Saturday Drive on Sunday… All along the Southerly end of the Cape Peninsula… well guess what I discovered there is a website where you can have a browse through all the great South Peninsula spots. But the spot we love the most is The Good Hope Nursery… Just love it!!!


We stumbled upon this nursery years ago and never looked back…nice hardy Cape plants. I am all for low maintenance, water-wise plants that are local to our area. Seriously gardening is only fun when you are not spending your whole life doing maintenance.

This is who greets you when you get there:


And wheelbarrows,


To practice your driving skills:


Recently they put up a jungle gym of the wild and woody kind:


With wonderful swings and things…



No-one could resist climbing in here:


You enter at your own risk!!!


They have some wonderful looking furniture for sale… I could do with one of these odd looking chairs on my deck, they are really so comfortable!!!


It looks like I am not the only one that thinks this is a good idea:


And the other thing that we found was a tea room, but we didn’t have time to try it…


And obviously they have plants!!!


Lots of hardy plants. When you live at the coast there is no point in buying plants that aren’t used to being at the coast. The plants need to be somewhat hardier and able to cope with howling gales and salty sea mists. The folk that work there certainly know their plants, which is fantastic for people like me whose plant knowledge is very limited!!! Their prices are really reasonable – you will get a lot of plants for your budget.



And a novel gong to ring for service, that nobody can resist!


That’s it a great place to go and for kids to explore… A really kid friendly spot that hasn’t yet been spoilt by the “Health and Saftey Police.” It is unspoiled and your kids may scratch their knees, they will almost certainly get dirty. But they will have real fun, with real play in the great outdoors. I guess it is a bit further to drive for most folks (on the Scarborough side of Red Hill) but if you live in the South Peninsula it is brilliant!!!


That’s us… Have Fun, we did!!!

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  1. Can you believe it I have never been there and I live in Kommetjie? Just the right place to go this week while dad’s away!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hay J, I cannot believe you have never been there!!! If I were you I would take the week in a very cool spot and just put your feet up!!! Seriously!!!

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