This Week (18 January) at Se7en…

I can’t believe February is flying towards us. Just excuse my blog right now, I am doing a bit of a sort out and clean out and freshen up. But like most things you have to make a big mess before it can be clean and tidy. Hang in there, I am working on it and will have it sorted and a little less chaotic as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, here are the Calendars for January:

Here is our weekly picture celebrating Hood #8, doing his whole arm-waving thing:


And here are a few links for this week:

That’s Us!!! Have a Great Week!!!

4 Replies to “This Week (18 January) at Se7en…”

  1. Hi M, We think he is rather divine… he is totally and madly loved!!! He just discovered this past week that if he shoves his feet in he get where he wants to be… I was not expecting mobility quite so soon!!! They are all totally unique!!! Have a great week with your sweeties!!!

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