The “Se7en +1” Brilliant Bag Bonanza …

Here is a post with Se7en Brilliant Bags your kids can make from things that you probably have lying around your house. We are on holiday and hours and hours of doing nothing has led to all sorts of industry, all requiring little visits to the sewing machine… My kids are into bags, big bags, little bags, any bags… So we have been bagging!!! Just keep in mind that I am not a natural seamatress and the hoods are true beginners!!!



So here we go, some are easy some are less so… some are for tiny people to make and some are for older kids… and they are all made from things found around the house – Yay for Recycle crafts!!!

  1. A Jean’s Bag: I have blogged this one before, but let’s face it, it is a classic!!! The father person had a pair of Cargo jeans beyond repair and they were the first victims of the sewing frenzy. I saw this bag years ago in Family Fun and we have never looked back!!!


    Here’s the how:

  2. The Pocket Bag: Snip the pocket off your ancient beyond repair cargo pants and attach some string – done!


  3. The Laundry Bag: This one is made from a pillow case. Fold over a small (2cm/1/2 inch) hem and sew around the opening. Then fold over the fabric the width of the pillow turnover and sew again. This makes a little tunnel, called a casing, around the top of the bag. Make a little snip on the “inside” of your casing and thread some ribbon through the tunnel. Knot it and you are done.


    You might want to embellish it with some applique, because that’s our latest passion.


    And you are really done:

  4. The Peg Bag: Start with an outgrown baby vest and turn it inside out. Pin along the opening at the bottom and stitch it closed. Trim the excess off and turn it right way round. Pop a small hanger in the top and you are done.


  5. The Sock Sleeping Bag: You need one tiny baby and a sock!… Pop the baby into the sock and you are done and one happy two year old!!!


  6. The Soap Bag: This bag could be a lavender bag or any other bag… but soap works!!! Begin with an old cloth diaper (you could use a face-cloth or small towel). Decorating is absolutely essential!!! Cut your fabric into a rectangle that can comfortably cover your soap when folded into thirds. We pinned and sewed a bit of ribbon over the ragged edge. Then we folded the fabric over to form an envelope and popped some more ribbon along the short edges. When we had finished sewing the two edges we popped the soap inside and we were done. A soap bag that you pop into the bath and can scrub with and the soap suds sneak out – very cool!!!


  7. The Bandana Bag: Take two bandanas, contrasting works well. Pin and stitch them together. Fold them in half and sew half way up the side seams. Fold the other two sides together and sew half way up those seams. You end up with a nice basket shape with triangles folded over.


    Stitch along the base of each of triangle and you have four little casings through which to thread your lace. Thread your lace through each casing. Once you have treaded through all four knot it and pull two ends of the cords and you are done.



And the “Se7en + 1” th bag…

  • The Chair Bag: From a pillow slip. Turn your pillow slip inside out and slip it over the back of the chair. Sew along the seems so that it fits to the chair snuggly and then sew along the base – as deep as you want your chair bag to be… Decorate with fabric markers and you are done!!!



That’s it Se7en + 1 Bags!!! Have Fun!!!

I popped this post onto the Works For Me Wednesday Site – go and have a look there for all sorts of tips on absolutely anything.

19 Replies to “The “Se7en +1” Brilliant Bag Bonanza …”

  1. Hay Aunty Muffin, How cool to hear from you – glad you like the bags. A very proud day for Hood #5 and her soap bag!!! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!!

  2. Hay A, Thank-you so much for stopping by!!! Glad you like the bags… About those pinecones: once a collector always a collector!!! What can I say some of us were born to gather!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. HI Aunty Muffin, So brilliant to hear from you!!! Got the hint, put it in my pocket, so to speak! And yes it was a very proud day for Hood #6, who made it almost 100% on her own!!! Lots of love to all of you. Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Lovely bags! I especially love the blue and green bag, so bright, and the funky closure. Your se7en are doing a great job with their sewing skills. Blessings on the sewing!

  5. Hi M, Glad you liked them… I think the person who “made” the sock bag liked it quite a bit too!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  6. super duper post. my girls love bags too! in fact I think their favorite activity of late is simply selecting items to go in a bag. it is hilarious the things they select – playing cards, crayons, dolls, barrettes . . . somehow it all makes sense to them. my fav is the pocket bag!

  7. Hi K, Tell me about the randomness of the contents of a child’s bag: the matchbox car, the piece of lego, the snip of string, the petal !!! I am so thrilled you stopped by and thanks for linking!!! Hope you guys have a great day over there in the cold!!!

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