This Week (1 February ) at Se7en…

February – here so soon? Here are the calendars for a new month:

Here is our weekly picture celebrating Hood #8, watching his toes and waiting his turn in the bath.


And here are a few links for this week:

That’s Us!!! Have a Great Week!!!

4 Replies to “This Week (1 February ) at Se7en…”

  1. Hi there, i stumbled across your site while looking for things to do with kids in the winelands – your day spent there recently was very helpful, thanks.

    Looking at your bits for the first week of Febuary i thought i’d remind you that this is the month that the liberation movements were unbanned in SA and Mandela was released from prison (20 years ago, can you believe it!) This could make a good introduction to the incredible story of SA and the end of Apartheid. Its such an important part of our history…

    Good luck,

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