Pass The Jam in Se7en Steps…

We have a Jam eater…


It is most likely my fault because I read this book to him so many times when he was a kid that it has become one of our family stories that I can “read” as we drift off to sleep with the lights out!!!


Now I have always been a bit weary of jam, I shouldn’t be!!! My mother made marmaelade from our citrus hedge year after year and I remember a vast pot on the stove, delicious aromas and trays of jars packed as far as the eye can see. When I looked at recipes online they had things like pectin, and bottle sterilizing. And it got so complicated so fast. But I live with a jam eater…


And we had a heap of plums:


So ignoring all advice about multiple ingredients and sterilizing jars to store up for the winter… um who are we kidding this won’t last a week!!! I set the Jam eater to work:

Let’s meet the Players:

  • A pile of plums.
  • A heap of sugar.

Let’s Play the Game:

  1. First things first, weigh your fruit.

    Then measure the same weight in sugar.

  2. DSC_0830DSC_0831

  3. Chop and de-pip… you needn’t take the pips out because they will float to the top. But a man must chop!!!
  4. DSC_0841
  5. Add the sugar to your fruit.
  6. DSC_0843DSC_0845

  7. Use a low hear and stir it to check nothing sticks, until the sugar is melted.
  8. DSC_0857DSC_0859

  9. Let it boil and boil, stirring from time to time. We used a low heat the whole time, we didn’t need to turn it up high to get it bubbling.
  10. DSC_0861DSC_0862

  11. After about 10 to fifteen minutes you will have a good froth on top, you can skim this off and the skins that will float to the top.
  12. DSC_0864DSC_0865

  13. Let it boil away some more – at least ten to fifteen minutes. It is ready when the jam doesn’t slide down a cold plate (pop a plate or two in the fridge when you start boiling). Boil away until you reach the consistency of jam that you like. Be patient!!! You will get there…
  14. DSC_0868

And you are done!!!




Bon Appetito!!!

10 Replies to “Pass The Jam in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Se7en!!! I am having a wobbly!! ūüėČ My oldest is turning 6 in March and he is doing Sonlight’s K this year … I feel like it doesnt take me long at all — like surely I should be sitting with him for much longer?? could you give me an idea of what should be “normal” for this kid??
    also — very proud to say my fourth finally finally made his glorious appearance two weeks ago today! just adoring him more than I can say!!
    thanks so much for your openness ūüėČ

  2. Awesome!! You inspired us to make plum jam today, I shot down to the fruit and veg, bought a tray of plums and we have watched them bubble away. for first-time jam makers i dont think we did too badly! Thank you so much ūüėČ

  3. Hay K, Well yesterdays was our first venture out and I have to say we are quite inspired ourselves!!! In fact I have some short farmers who are quite inspired to plant an orchard to produce the fruit to make the jam… hmmm first principles can be very exhausting!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Hay Aunty Muffin, fabulous to hear an um yum all the way from you!!! Hope you guys are having fun. Lots of love!!!

  5. haha! too cute. well, we know where to buy our fruit from in future ūüėČ We only have one small jar left, as they were so excited about it, they handed it all out to granny’s and grandpa’s! Have a great weekend!

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