The Week That Was – 2.32

There were two drops of spitty rain this morning… but the sun prevails relentlessly…


We had a week if heaps of: Getting Things Done… I went out of my way to get through all those itty bitty projects that my kids gather and I say later… later… well this was the week and did we get things done!!!

There were visitors:


There was scientific observation:


There was a massive kitchen clean-out!!!


And a garden frenzy of note…


Hood #3 has plied her way through Enid Blyton for weeks and months…


And has moved on to Margurite Henry – Good choice my girl!!!


So our books of the week are:


Most of our days are spent being enthralled by Hood #8.


Otherwise, this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Did some inventing:



Not to mention lunch is under control… perfect rolls in size order!!! Big rolls for big lads and tiny rolls for a tiny sister!!!


Hood #2: Did some painting, and some “Potter-ing.”


Hood #3: Led the Zoob craze with: Zaprons…


And their was a counter-attack with Zarmour:


Hood #4: Did some arting, some baking…


And built a safety tower… (very very long long story)…


Hood #5: Mastered tomato, mozzarella and basil salad…


And then worked on his pancakes… I tell you it is tough living with a Celebrity Chef!!!


Hood #6: Is not a morning person:


But loves a project, and spins a great yarn…


And she did potting…


For instance, the reason she isn’t a morning person is because:

“Dem is out there first thing.”

“Really, who?”

“Dem bears and clowds (clouds) is everywhere”


“Everywhere, it is thafer to thtay in bed.”

I have a hard time with mornings myself and dem clowds aren’t even after me!!!

Hood #7: Two comes with molars and seriously no sleep, and then she lost her frog and lets just say… some weeks are a whole lot better than others.


And then she found her frog and had a cup of tea and we all might survive as a result of it!!!


Hood #8: When he wasn’t flapping on his tummy and about to take off, he made a discovery…


While waiting for his turn in the bath:


And even though they followed him everywhere they didn’t come after him… but they still could!!!


That’s us. Have a great week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.32”

  1. When you talk about your daughter reading Enid Blyton, I am just transported back to my own childhood! I lived in Botswana for a few years as a young girl, and I can so vividly remember my trips to the Botswana Book Centre with my mother to get yet another stack of Enid Blyton books! Sounds like you had a busy week, my goodness!

  2. What a WONDER filled week— exploration, discovery, reading, creativity… all of my favorite things. Isn’t it fun to think about how tickled our kids will be when they are adults and they look back on all our FAMILY FUN stuff!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi L, Something about childhood and Enid Blyton… I remember entire summers devoted to her, again and again, and again… my sister had this massive collection and we just read and read and read… and then again!!! You have a good week!!!

  4. Hi KM, You are so right!!! I think my kids might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer volume!!! But they love looking back and “remembering when…” already – who doesn’t!!! I hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

  5. Thanks S, Glad you liked it. My kids are plotting and planning a great scientific week… on account of your Science Fair!!! Our Fabulous Friday Fun Post is on its way in a couple of hours… there is always a days blog lag here!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend.

  6. Hi se7en! Coming back to this post now that I’ve had a chance to share it with ImprovDad who was completely tickled to see your kids zoob-ing it up! He was co-founder of the company that created Zoob and even now (quite a few years later), has a big, warm feeling about them (I think he can’t wait for our kiddo to be ready for a zoob fest out this way). Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi S, That’s amazing!!! We have had major zoobing going on for a couple of years now!!! Love them, the one toy that EVERYONE enjoys, adults, kids and even our little guys chew on them!!! Have a great day!!!

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