Se7en Makes a Card Family in Se7en Steps…

Meet The Card Family:


And Their Friends:


Let’s Meet Players:

  • A pack of old cards, one or ten were missing. Ours were mini-cards but any cards will do.
  • Pipecleaners.
  • Bottle Caps. Anything round will work for heads.
  • Markers.
  • A Paper Punch.
  • A Blob of Glue.
  • Mini Magnets.

Let’s Play The Game:

  1. Cut your pipe cleaner into four bits and bend the bits in half.
  2. DSC_0186
  3. Punch a hole in the four corners of your cards and thread the pipe cleaners through them.
  4. DSC_0199
  5. Twist the pipecleaner ends together.
  6. DSC_0188
  7. Add a blob of glue and a bottle cap to your card.
  8. DSC_0190
    Apply the face!
  9. We were happy with these and played for ages, making an entire tribe…
  10. DSC_0197


  11. And then added magnets to them and upped the whole game!!!
  12. DSC_0020

    There were even some parent people:


Happy Valentines Day from the Card Family…


That us!!! We were doing this for Valentine but with a little adaption this is a quick way to make a quite a few people, for any occasion, from things lying around the house!!!

8 Replies to “Se7en Makes a Card Family in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hi KM, This was indeed a good one and kept little people busy for a…g…e…s!!! And then some more to play with them on the fridge!!! Hope you have a lovely Valentines Day. Lots of Love.

  2. Oh, these are soooooooooooooooo cute! Will start making them straight away!

    *And off she went to collect the material ūüėÄ

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