Beastly Bushveld Bunting in Se7en Steps…

We have been meaning to make these since Hood #8 arrived, it was supposed to be his arrival surprise… and then we got busy with enjoying him. Meanwhile, you know how I love all things bunting. Well this week, with our South African theme, we finally got around to doing a craft related to our country. A heap of South African animals, some rarer than others, popped up as bunting.


Let’s Meet The Players:

  • Colored pencils, or crayons or markers or whatever else you fancy.
  • Paper.
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Let’s Play The Game:

    1. Draw and Color your beast.
    2. DSC_0002
    3. Cut it out.
    4. DSC_0003
    5. Stand it up.
    6. DSC_0004
    7. And repeat…
    8. DSC_0005DSC_0006DSC_0008DSC_0012

    9. Keep going till you have lots and lots of animals roaming the African plains or the kitchen table, whichever is easier for you!!!
    10. DSC_0010DSC_0011

    11. String them up.
    12. DSC_0036DSC_0037


    13. And you are done:
    14. DSC_0035

    Quick and Easy, have fun!!!

10 Replies to “Beastly Bushveld Bunting in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Hi J, The irony that you are doing things because it is too cold to go out and we are doing them because it is too hot to go out!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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