Saturday Spot: Noordhoek Village and the Foodbarn…

I have blogged about Noordhoek Farm Village before and I will blog about it again!!! It is my go to place for searching for anything South African. Great spot for gifts for overseas friends and looking for little things to package and send away as GiveAways!!! Now what we really need in our area is a good deli, and a real coffee shop – none of this tepid stuff thank-you!!! Well we have found one and it has been right under our noses for the longest time!!! The Foodbarn Deli is brilliant, we can’t recommend it enough!!!


A couple of weeks ago we stopped by the deli for lunch – everyone was tired and cranky and we should never have tried it!!! Needless to say we ate fast we left faster but decided to put it on our list of places to try again. Oh I am so glad we did!!! In fact, on some mornings when we have to drag ourselves up and get a certain hood to a crack of dawn music lesson we pop over there for a vanilla croissants for breakfast, who can resist a pastry and the smell of fine coffee.


So we went for breakfast, actually we got there at twelve, so it was lunch. Not early risers by nature – can you tell!!! And got to sit in the book nook section – whoooo packed with books…


Did I say books!!! And Hood #1 Was thrilled to find a Dickens he didn’t own – the man loves Dickens.


There were pancakes and croissants all round…


Not to mention little “cup of chinnos.”


And an interesting kitchen to watch!!!


Here’s the menu. The father person had a panini – the man loves paninis!!! And I had a beef salad – yum!!! The best part was a very friendly pair of hands held Hood #8 so that I could eat with cutlary like a human person before my food was well left standing… wonderful!!!

That was us… We will definitely be back!!! Full tummies, a pile of books, a quick visit with friends and home for a siesta!!! Some Saturdays are better than others – what can I say!!!

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  1. Hay Aunty Muffin, isn’t that great about the books!!! We scored a pile !!! Definitely an outing for when you get back!!! Lots of love…

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