The Week That Was – 2.35

Two rainy days!!! Oh the joy!!! But the dribs and drabs of rain did not cool us off even slightly, we still stumbled about looking for shady spots.


And some folk had to have breakfast in the rain… what a treat!!!


The event of the week was clearly being “boxed” and we spent hours unpacking and making our annual Sonlight snail:


And then we spent even longer clambering in and out of boxes… I use the term we loosely here as I was actually behind the camera not managing to get a single photograph of everybody with their eyes open even – forget about looking my way!!! When I went on my camera course earlier this year and asked how to take photographs of multiple children I was told: give them a project (like a couple of boxes) and shoot at your leisure – you will easily capture them…. “Easily” wahahahaha!!!


I even got down to their level – you know how important that is…


I even gave up and went to look at books instead, science and art and language arts and math… it looks a bit terrifying… but it always does at this stage and I will pretend to myself that I am absolutely not daunted – not at all!!!


and real books:


Otherwise we had our usual little visitors:


And some wild sidewalk chalk feet came to visit (shadow clocks don’t get much time to rest around here!!!).


We had a lot of interference from “nobody” with all our science experiments this past week… in fact in almost every experiment “nobody” played a signifiant roll in sabotaging our best efforts… Not to mention their unprecedented skill at going under the radar so to speak and not being detected at all. Here you are… the face of nobody: a two headed, four handed, four footed, always in pink beast:


As usual we read some books:


And we had some fun games of Crazy “Camouflage Camping” hunting:





got it…


Our book of the week has to be, this is our favorite book from the haul – totally love it!!! You can pop over to Dorling Kindersley and see it there… It’s a fantastic book, packed with how all sorts of things are made: ballet shoes, electric guitars, blown glass and pencils. Really something for everyone. We have all snuck off with this book and read and read and read.


So this is what the hoods got up to this week:

Hood #1: Vanished into the packaging.


And collected bugs for us…


Hood #2: Made a lot of jelly in the name of science.


Hood #3: Planted all the seeds – what a star!!! And I don’t have to be saving egg trays anymore!!!


Hood #4: Did a lot of chores and even more arting.


Hood #5: Did some sort of tomato salad thing… What a relief that we have our own supply from the garden. And he had a little sandwich with his lettuce! (I think we should start a lettuce farm).


Hood #6: Decided that if she got the noodle then she could leap in the pool and swim – oh the freedom!!! And her parsley really need to be planted out!!!


Hood #7: Is perfecting the art of snipping.


And doesn’t need mixture to blow bubbles… imagine folks!!!


Hood #8: Last but certainly not least… someone could not get enough of those boxes!!!


And little people keeping bringing him funny things to look at…


And life is still very exhausting for him…


That’s us… Have a good week!!!

And this is how my kitchen has looked for the last couple of days… where in the world will I fit everything!!!


Can’t think… I will just keep on blogging instead!!!

If you did something fun with your kids or made a great link list this past week then pop over and link it up to our Fabulous Friday Fun.

2 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.35”

  1. I found your blog sometime before Christmas via Crafy Crow. I never have time to comment, I usually steal away when a moment is quiet to take a peek and be inspired. Not to put you on a pedestal, because I totally don’t want to do that with people and their blogs, but….I want to be just like you! My children would love to do all those fun experiments, and get the chance to be so creative! We do a little around here, but when I see you guys I feel so lazy! Maybe it’s all the sunshine you get on that side of the world :). We live in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Anyways, I just love how positive and creative you are and definately not afraid of fun. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. HI STacy – Oh you can come and comment on our blog anytime!!! Seriously you are too kind… you must know that you are seeing moments of our week!!! One craft a week, one recipe a week and so on!!! The experiments were grand but a rare treat indeed!!! And as for the weather it really is beyond my control!!! That being said I am not about to complain about our endless sunshine!!! Really thanks for stopping by and I hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!

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