Se7en + 1 is 5…

Five whole months old…


His view of the world has changed dramatically…


He may get distracted to the left or the right…


But his focus is straight ahead!!!


And these are his se7en favorite things…

  1. His bath towel – he has always loved it… he wanders off into a dream as soon as he is in it!!!
  2. His blankets from Katherine Marie – I think it might be those labels he is after!!!
  3. His elephant thing – he can’t help himself when it comes to playing with its fluffy hairdo!!!
  4. He loves all wheels, but literally takes off with joy when he sees this racing car.
  5. Still hates baths, but loves a shower.
  6. Loves rolly-polly-ing and scooting everywhere on his tummy… no waiting to be taken as everyone leaves the room – just takes himself with the crowd.
  7. Loves a story and will sit very still and quietly to listen to one!!!

And se7en things we love and adore about him:

everything, everything everything, everything,

everything, everything, everything


That’s him – sweet as can be and always good for a laugh!!!

14 Replies to “Se7en + 1 is 5…”

  1. ahhhhhh… look at that that sweetheart. In a way it seems like he has been here forever and then in the same breath FIVE MONTHS– NO way! I’m so tickled he loves his little blankies.

  2. Hi KM… I know – 5 months just flew by so fast!!! He plays with his owl every time he gets dressed. But those blankets go everywhere!!! To sleep to play to the car – Linus stuff I tell you!!!

  3. He is so cute. I cannot believe how time flies… I have a bunch of questions regarding Sonlight and how to organize it… May I go back to your table full of SL books and post ir there??? Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi S, He is so cute we love him to bits!!! Ask your Sonlight questions any post and I will answer them – big questions get a big post little questions and I will answer them on the spot!!! Hope you guys have a great day!!!

  5. Hay Aunty Muffin!!! Hope you guys have a halfway party – I am thinking of having one with the kids, on your account… miss you guys like crazy!!!

  6. Hay L, You are having a good old read this morning!!! So glad you stopped by!!! Delightful he is!!! Have a fab day… see you at 30 minutes!!!

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