The Week That Was – 2.37

Three words for this week HOT, HOT, HOT (over forty degrees Celsius/105 degrees Fahrenheit in the night)… seriously HOT!!! So hot that when we got up in the morning and plonked the kids in the pool and made them swim until they couldn’t anymore!!! Then we stayed indoors all day until it was marginally cooler, at which stage we stepped back in the pool and swam until bed-time!!!


There was Lego:


There was Duplo:


There was gaming:


There was magic:


There was discovery as we encountered a fold-up battery powered bicycle:


There was arting – you know it’s been a good summer when your paints are totally finished!!!


There was cooking galore: as we prepare a series of cook book reviews for you…


There were tea parties:


There were hugs:


And a visit from a Grandfather:


There was a visitor from afar, who gifted us with pineapple lumps:


There was school preparation:


There was reading:


There was creating:


We just love and adore Julia Donaldson books… know them off by heart, so can “read” them in the dark as we drift off to sleep… and Hood #1 had such a cute project this week that our book of the week has to be:


And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Set up shop and made a “Stick Man” for his little sister:


Hood #2: Can’t get enough of the sling thing. His brother doesn’t seem to mind.


Hood #3: Has mastered a meal from scratch… Corn fritters, herby couscous, skewers… not bad for an eight year old!!!


Hood #4: I don’t know what to say – except this week he arrived from China, notice the exotic hand-crafted fan!!! And he discovered dot-to-dots and “Why has he never encountered problems such as these before?” “Ummm, No idea son!”


Hood #5: Was Victorious…


Hood #6: Did a whole heap of arting…


Hood #7: Desperately needed a nap, but she has to – HAS TO – hold onto the duvet corner to fall asleep, only it was on the wash-line getting dry… She made a plan!!!


Hood #8: His Royal Multiple Chinned Highness ruled the roost with his giggles and chortles. Forgive us if we answer to his every whim – he is just too cute to disobey!!!


That’s us… Have a great week!!

6 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.37”

  1. What a wonderful week! 🙂

    I’m really lovin’ the Stick Man – neat!

    His Royal Multiple Chinned Highness … yes, I can see why you cannot resist him – cute, cute, cute!

    Best wishes!

  2. Hi K, I am so thrilled you stopped by – I was just breezing your weekend links, going cool, fun, ooh us!!! Thanks for linking us!!! I also loved the garden basics this week – what a great article!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend with your family!!!

  3. Well done hood number 3 for all that culinary effort. Corn fritters, skewers and couscous x 9 is quite a challenge. Love the very convincing visiting Chinaman. Hope someone has written down how to unravel the bicycle. That could be quite a challenge too. Have a good week.

  4. Hay Granny Ant, You’re right “Table for nine” is quite an achievement, I hadn’t thought of that!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  5. HEY! We have that same book!

    (The Big Honey Hunt)

    And our cover looks to be in about the same condition to!

    My copy is from my girl-hood.

  6. Hi C…Yup that one is from my child hood indeed!!! Can you believe it – we have The Bear Scouts and a few others from that era as well!!! Hope you have a great week… It is total chaos here – First day back at school, you cannot imagine it!!! I think it may have to be documented later if I actually survive!!!

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