Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #13 – Link Up…

Well we have marched on into April and the last couple of days have seen a lot of fooling around our house… Bitter tears to hear that April Fool’s Day is really just a day long and the amount of times that one adult can have a plastic cocroach in their coffee is actually quite limited. I was quite happy to see that we even caught a couple of you all!!!


Here are se7en of my favorite things from around the blog world this past week. Hop around you are sure to find something that inspires you:

  1. Paper-City made by Joel: This is so cute and quick and easy – but that’s what you would expect from the brilliant “Made by Joel”… We made a paper city a while ago and we will definitely be revisiting this project during our upcoming winter months.
  2. One Amazing Crafty Mama, from Crafts for Kidlets: Go and look at Crafts for Kidlets – they had the most fantastic things to say about this mother of se7en + 1… A complete surprise – wonderful!!! They have some cool crafty things – pop over and say hi!!!
  3. DSC05796

  4. Colors Quilt Tutorial from In Color Order: These are to die for and if they don’t wet your appetite then head over to Whip Up for their Mini-Quilt Month. Every post is a dream post!!! Ever since our trip to the Waterfront I have been hunkering out for quilts – I have a dream: se7en + 1 lovely quilts… I even on rare moments of madness think surely I could do it. I have a felt Noah’s Ark soft toy, in a bag… that I began before Hood #1 was born… in half the time he has already been with us he will be heading outr to face the world. Let’s just say the quilts are never going to happen in time. And no I will not be making them for my grand kids because if each child had eight kids – well do the math!!!
  5. Glamping Round-Up from One Pretty Thing: This one is for fun and if you don’t know what glamping is then you havn’t lived!!!
  6. Curious from Whatever: As a mother of quite a few I so laughed out loud when I read this!!! Go over there and see if you can’t see your kidlet somewhere in there!!! So Funny!!!
  7. Organizing Your Way has her Quarterly Round-Up: What can I say: Love it!!!
  8. Maternity Sewing Tutorial Round-Up: I found this via One Pretty Thing.. and this is my gift to you all who sew and are pregnant… I could have done with this round-up in my past!!!

And the “Se7enth + 1″th thing…

  • An Easter Bird from Molly Chicken: I made an Easter Bird (above)… but it was not up to my resident seamstress’s standards (she has a point) and she will be making this darling one!!!

That’s Us!!! And Now it’s your turn to Link-Up:

Link up a Fun thing you did with your kids this past week… or if you have a post of your favorite links this week then go ahead and add them to ours… or any post you wrote this week and loved…


Here are the rules:

  1. Anyone of our crafty/mom blog reader friends are welcome to join in.
  2. Any of your kids who want to write a blog post and link it in are welcome to join in.
  3. Please mention “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun” in your post and direct the readers back to our Carnival. For example: “I linked this post to Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun” would work for me!!! Or pop our button onto your site. so that other readers can enjoy a couple of your favorite favorites… and get to meet all of you.
  4. Make sure you link to your fabulous post and not your website, so that it is easy for readers to find your favorite… rather than wading through everything!!!
  5. Enter a very brief description of your post in parenthesis in the Mcklinky line where you enter your name, so that we know what to expect when we get there.
  6. Visit and leave comments on other folks’ posts who enter the Carnival – it is the nice thing to do!!!
  7. Finally this is a family blog and remember some folks kids are reading it – please keep your posts appropriate. I reserve the right to delete any post that would not be appropriate for my kids to glance at.

I linked this post with Five Faves From Meet Me at Mikes… I know I always have se7en + 1, but that’s how we travel.


Thanks for playing, Link away, Comment away… I am dying to hear from any of you!!!

8 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #13 – Link Up…”

  1. Enjoying the reads very much. Glad you April fooled me – shows how highly I think of your abilities!!!!

  2. Hay J, You know how happy you made me to catch you!!! I never thought I would get anyone, but it was worth a try!!! Hope you are all having a good weekend!!!

  3. I have to say that I’d never heard of Glamping before. I’m always happy when I learn something new. I also keep meaning to link in on Fabulous Friday but always forget and miss the boat. Maybe one day soon.

  4. Hi D, Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Go ahead and link I have been leaving the link open for quite a few days. Hope you have a fun week!!!

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