The Week That Was – 2.40

Oooo, a long weekend, let’s make this snappy. Because somehow long weekends are ten times busier than regular ones!!!


It is definitely cooler, the days are shorter but the weather has been very good to us… and because of that we made it to the beach quite a few times this week!!! So by any standards it must have been a good week!!! Always at the very end of the day – so when we should have been getting ready for bed we were desperately looking for friends who had moved to Australia. Dig, dig, dig…


Hood #8 watches but doesn’t say much:


And when we really should have been getting to bed we were doing some sort of frantic ocean-wave-dance.



Finally, even though this could be the last glorious moment before winter arrives we had to fly home.


Otherwise we celebrated earth hour and here is our Saturday pizza (inspired by Little Food Junction’s Earth Hour Sandwich.


It’s that Easter time of year, which means we watched about a million Two Oceans Runners fly by our front door long before we are normally up and about. Once they overcame the shock of being up before dawn they enjoyed the freedom of playing their Vuvuzelas for the morning… not gaining any popularity with the neighbors but the runners enjoyed the encouragement!!!



Otherwise we prepared for Easter with, um, a less than impressive egg dying event …


And we will settle for looking at all the beautiful eggs everyone else is blogging!!! We made some colorful clucking chickens instead…


Our book of the week has to be Mr.Magnolia… we are about to have a Mr.Magnolia Party and we have read and re-read this to look for clues!!!


And this is what the Hoods got up to this past week:

Hood #1: Is loving language arts and wrote an epic poem that began like this:

It was twelve o’clock at breakfast time

(Although some may call it brunch)

When a ninja stepped into the door

And asked if it were lunch.

Hood #2: Did a whole lot of mapping… and has been traveling through the Pacific Islands for school.


Hood #3: Stopped reading for a fraction of a second, just for a quick swing and then back into “book world.”


Hood #4: Last week he was a ninja, this week he spent the entire week lassoing anything that moved… he is officially a rancher. I think in his heart he would like to go and live with the Pioneer Woman for a week or two so that he can learn to drive a feed truck.


Otherwise he has taken to puzzling and reading his little sister to sleep for her afternoon nap…


Hood #5: Helped us teach some student friends how to make pizza.


Hood #6: Is leading the team of “nobody” astray somewhat… and this is what my little ones have been practicing while their siblings are busy with school.


Hood #7: Is the busiest bee… She found a use for the library books – a little house, mothering and the new obsession is cushion ships and shipping…


Hood #8: Reached the six month mark and sprouted his first tooth!!!


That’s us, hope you are enjoying the long weekend!!!

6 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.40”

  1. You know I always look forward to your wonderful weekly round-ups… I’m always amazed at all your creative and educational FUN! HAPPY EASTER FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hay you KM, Nice to have you always stopping by!!! We are having a mad dashing weekend of fun… I am catching up birthday parties for my kids again… Always seems like a good idea before the day!!! Watch my blog vanish into oblivion behind pinata’s and cakes and candles!!! Have a fun day!!!

  3. Hi C, Oh the drool of teething – How could I have forgotten that!!! All our kids get a smattering of teeth by six months!!! They learn pretty quickly if they use their teeth they get hungry!!! Hope you have a good week… We had such a mad weekend that we haven’t had a chance to use our snow yet… getting there!!!

  4. That was a whoooooooole lotta fabulousness.
    And as far as the late-night beach thing goes, it couldn’t have gone any other way!!!
    yay,yay,yay. Live is divine.

  5. Hay S, Tell me – Sometimes we just have to grab it with both hands!!! Hope you guys have a totally fun week!!!

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