Saturday Spot: The Book Nook Updated…

Saturday was International Children’s Book Day so I thought it was time to show you an update of our Book Nook.


Our Book Nook needed bit of a revamp and we have been meaning to do something about these very boring cupboards just about forever!!! They were on my To Do list.


So thanks to the Fabulous Reader’s Warehouse we gathered some posters and used a whole lot of book covers we have been saving for this project our boring cupboards look like this:


You have seen our school books on the one side of the room…


And these are our other books, the ones that aren’t school books:


I thought you might like to see what they read, so here are some close-ups (click on them if you want a closer look):



Meanwhile our kids have loft beds and underneath them is a whole lot of space for clubs and games general living, if you are quite short. So we have started a Book Nook Spot under their beds. It is rotated from week to week and looks something like this:


Whoever has the honor of the Rotating Book Nook also has the honor of the library books under their bed – hmmm talk about winning any family popularity contest!!!


That’s it… Have a Great Week!!!

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  1. Hay JK, Yup – It is getting colder here and I can see cozy spaces are going to become more and more sought after around here!!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!

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