The Week That Was – 2.41

After a week of sunshine… the one day we had earmarked for an outing it rained!!!


Hood #3 Celebrated her birthday and we planned to go for a walk and look for horses. Spending the summer reading Marguerite Henry Books can do this to a girl!!! But it rained and instead of a horse farm we visited a worm farm!!!


And stopped at the Food Barn for cup-of-chino and breakfast…


She was thrilled to receive a marble and a serenade:


She was a bit more cautious of the carefully crafted hairbrush – yes those bristles are indeed nails, each one carefully and lovingly smashed into the block of wood:


Meanwhile we had a week of having folk over, and then a few more and then oh a couple more… like dinner for someone every night!!! This is why the kitchen in our house is the biggest!!! And this is us and two other families… but they only have a few kids, six and se7en respectively, not a whole wild wonderful eight!!!


And since I never ever have birthday parties when I have some one under six months in our house – I just can’t do it!!! Nine months pregnant and I can do a party or three but new babies and parties and I just don’t mix… So we caught up two missed parties:


So look out for some party posts…


And for those of you that think my house is always perfect – wahahahaha!!!


Otherwise we did a heap of school and a heap of half-finished craft projects, I would love to show you!!! Don’t hold your breathe already, but it is quite nice for me to know that I have a couple of posts lined up for the week ahead!!!

We also managed a walk in the country – stealing the father person away from “cell phone reception.” Sneaky I know but a man needs his rest!!!


And as usual we read some books:


And what could keep two very energetic young men glued to the couch for over an hour? Captain Pugwash of course… This has to be our book of the week!!!


And this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Wrote a whole lot of funny poems… and entertained Captain Cuddles a LOT!!!


Hood #2: Spent days preparing little birthday surprises for his sister… and entertained Captain Cuddles a LOT!!!


Hood #3: Was thrilled to make a mermaid!!! And didn’t those little sisters want to join in the fun!!!


Hood #4: Dressed for school – formal education and all that!!!


And he entertained Captain Cuddles a LOT!!!


Hood #5: Helped me make eighty-five hamburger patties… he was a bit spaced out after that!!!


Hood #6: Took up flying…


Hood #7: Decided that she goes for the whole party thing and not just as an idle observer I tell you!!!


Hood #8: Grew some more teeth and decided he didn’t need to sleep in the day time anymore.


So I will have to readjust our life a little and stop waiting for him to nap to do anything!!! Hopefully it was just some wild teething, mastering crawling and a collection of all those things that can hit a six month old man at once – And he will be back to his regular nap sometime during the day kind of self this week… Or our blog will grind to a complete halt!!!

That’s us!!! Hope You Have a Great Week!!!

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