Se7en Easy Things That Make School Fun…

The thing I love about homeschooling is that it is so easy to make it fun. We could fill in pages and pages of worksheets all day every and call that school, but because we homeschool we have the time to add a fun dimension to our school without missing out on what needs to be done. Funny thing is when we take mini-breaks we get so much more school done than when we get locked in the “school at home” rut. After a couple of weeks of school we are still loving it and keeping it light and I thought I would post a list of: Se7en things that can happen in our house, anytime and most days, to make school just a little more fun:

    DSC_0885 DSC_0737

  1. Make it…
  2. I am not the most hands on mother person you have ever met, but if I leave my kids to their own devices then they can really get engrossed in a project. And I have found that if I add watercolors to anything at all – it becomes fun straight away!!!

    DSC_0616 DSC_0178

  3. Grow it…
  4. Having a garden that produced our own food revolutionized our lives this past summer!!! Apart from the fact that every one eats lettuce that comes from our garden, it is a wonderful opportunity to observe growing things.

    DSC00959 DSC_0664

    There is nothing like the great out doors to make school simply come alive!!!

  5. Act it…
  6. Some of my kids are all for dramatics and playing the part – if they can turn their daily reading into something dramatic and memorable, then I am all for it!!!

  7. Map it…
  8. I have a bunch of Old National Geographic maps and I just leave a fresh one lying out on the counter each week. You would be amazed how much you can learn about distant places by idly looking at a map.

  9. Cook it…
  10. If we can eat something relating to what we are learning, a national dish or something mentioned in a book we are reading, then we will make a plan to eat it…

  11. Recycle it…
  12. Our recycling bag is always open and is used for so many things, including impromptu jamming sessions.

  13. Humor it…
  14. Not all the facts have to come from World book, sometimes it is fun to lie around reading comics.


    And the “se7en + 1th” thing:

  15. Read it…
  16. We take our reading outdoors everyday. Even when it is raining, We find a sheltered spot and read some poetry. Somehow the great out doors makes poetry, which can be very dry, come alive.


That’s us… Tell us what easy things you do to make school a whole lot of fun for you.

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This Post was hammered out as part of The Thirty Minute Mom’s Challenge at Steady Mom. The photographs were taken from my flickr pool, so didn’t need load up time.

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  1. Hay KM, I think you may be our most ardent fan!!! Thanks for always being positive!!! Have a great week, all of you!!!

  2. You are more than welcome to come over! What’s an extra 8 kids to my 4! Adult conversation would have been heavenly, and the kids would have had a ball…but then again after this post, I’m thinking we should just move in with you guys!

  3. Hi M, Oh come over, You are right we would probably have a brilliant play!!! Looking forward to your next five fabulous faves!!!

  4. Oh S, They are indeed wearing armor out of Zoobs and spend many hours devoted to the cause of armor!!! Who knows when you might need it in day to day living!!! Seriously – who knows!!! Actually my six year old is a mad dresser upper, he can’t help himself!!! And he leads the way in fashion accessories like you just cannot believe!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

  5. What a fun post! This is my first time here! I’m also a homeschooler. Great to meet you! Thanks for sharing the fun ideas! ūüėÄ

    Have a great Wednesday!

  6. Hi there Sherry, Nice to meet you right back. I popped over and had a look at your post-it notes – Love them!!!! Have a good day!!!

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