Se7en’s Bark Art Boats and Beasts, An Earth Day Challenge…




We celebrated Earth Day by heading outdoors, of course!!! We had ourselves a bit of a natural scavenge challenge.

Here was the task: Make anything you like out of anything natural and return to the workbench for photographing… thirty minutes time limit.


We use bark as mulch and we have heaps of it all over our garden and really no one can resist arting with it… Even I have to make the odd bark goodie, can’t resist!!!


Most of the returning artists had bark boats…


or bark beasts…


Here are all the details:

  1. A Lavender Lady:
  2. DSC_0012
  3. A Whale:
  4. DSC_0253
  5. A Chilli-Tongued Snake:
  6. DSC_0051
  7. Some Sharing Bugs:
  8. DSC_0031
  9. An Elephant Face:
  10. DSC_0043
  11. A Three Sailed Boat:
  12. DSC_0035
  13. And Another:
  14. DSC_0036
  15. A rowing boat:
  16. DSC_0029
  17. And A Tall Ship:
  18. DSC_0040
  19. And A Cell Phone:
  20. DSC_0025

Hope you had fun on your Earth Day:


With lots of…


from the Se7en Hoods.

9 Replies to “Se7en’s Bark Art Boats and Beasts, An Earth Day Challenge…”

  1. Hi P, Glad you like our bark art. I hope you have a fun weekend together… Our weather is looking so good: crisp and autumny… can’t wait to get out there!!!

  2. Hmmm, the lavender lady is my favorite….or the chili tongued snake? I really like the bark land forms too.

    Such a creative bunch over here! Happy Earth Day.


  3. Hi R, Thanks for visiting!!! Glad you liked our creations – we have had such fun following the Great Outdoors Challenge!!! Hope you have a great weekend with your kids!!!

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