Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #18 – Link Up…

Here we are another week winding through the year we had lots of rain and heaps of time to just be!!! And while some weeks I am not inspired and I wonder if I will have found enough really great inspiration by Friday – trust me this week every where I clicked there was inspiration!!! So a great week for links and linking up!!!


Here are se7en of my favorite things from around the blog world this past week. Hop around you are sure to find something that inspires you:

  1. Loveosaurus Diorama Tutorial via Whip Up: This is totally my favorite thing on the web all week!!!! Love it!!! Maybe I will even make it myself!!!
  2. Puffin Books are having a big birthday bash: I grew up on Puffin books I remember my favorite birthday gift one year was getting the Puffin catalogue, well have a look at their Handbook. Have a look at that and then tell me it isn’t heaven on earth!!!
  3. 50 Ways To Get Kids Hooked On The Outdoors: Oooh, you know how I love a list and this is one is better than most!!! Frankly who cares if the whole blog world is headed for summer there is no ways we can read a list like this and not head outdoors – rain or no rain we are out there.
  4. Smories: You have got to see these stories read by kids for kids.
  5. Pikaland’s Paper Cuts: I said I would never feature a toilet paper roll on our blog, forgive me I have to show you these, they are just incredible.
  6. Learning Is Better Together: Fostering Strong Sibling Relationships from SimpleHomeschool: This is one of those beautiful posts!!! I really believe that if our kids spend lots and lots of time together they will build fine and lasting friendships. This post confirms all that!!!
  7. Bella Luna Toys: I don’t normally click on adds on websites… but I was drawn to this store and it is so full of things to love!!! Luckily we live on the far side of the world and we can’t ship the whole shop over!!! But I have to own crayons rocks in my life!!! And tree blocks oooh, I love these and I can’t imagine I would ever stop playing with them long enough to let my kids play with them!!!

And the “Se7enth + 1″th thing…

That’s Us!!! And Now it’s your turn to Link-Up:

Link up a Fun thing you did with your kids this past week… or if you have a post of your favorite links this week then go ahead and add them to ours… or any post you wrote this week and loved…


Here are the rules:

  1. Anyone of our crafty/mom blog reader friends are welcome to join in.
  2. Any of your kids who want to write a blog post and link it in are welcome to join in.
  3. Please mention “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun” in your post and direct the readers back to our Carnival. For example: “I linked this post to Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun” would work for me!!! Or pop our button onto your site. so that other readers can enjoy a couple of your favorite favorites… and get to meet all of you.
  4. Make sure you link to your fabulous post and not your website, so that it is easy for readers to find your favorite… rather than wading through everything!!!
  5. Enter a very brief description of your post in parenthesis in the Mcklinky line where you enter your name, so that we know what to expect when we get there.
  6. Visit and leave comments on other folks posts who enter the Carnival – it is the nice thing to do!!!
  7. Finally this is a family blog and remember some folks kids are reading it – please keep your posts appropriate. I reserve the right to delete any post that would not be appropriate for my kids to glance at.

Thanks for playing, Link away, Comment away… I am dying to hear from you!!!

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