Virtual Voyage: The Great Australian Round-Up…

“Hello Australia”

We have been virtually traveling…


One of us packed for a walk about:


We stamped our passports:

DSC_0406 DSC_0732

We grabbed our tickets (name the animal and you can travel):

DSC_0730 DSC_0731

And we went on a dash around the house looking for artifacts… we didn’t have a whole lot!!!


But we did have a whole heap of story books:

So we made some Boomerang Bookmarks:



Here are some boomerang links:

23 Replies to “Virtual Voyage: The Great Australian Round-Up…”

  1. Hi from sunny Perth, down under! We check in every day to see what you are up to in South Africa. It’s mother’s day here in Australia today and we’re off to make pancakes for brekkie! Have a good day. :o)

  2. Hi from Australia.

    Just reading that you are off to make damper reminded me of how, when we were kids, we would do damper around a campfire or bonfire. We took the damper dough, wrapped it around a stick (yep, just one found on the ground) and cooked it over the fire. When cooked, we would take the stick out and fill the hole in the damper with butter and honey or jam. It was soooo yummy – and who cares if it was a little black on the outside ’cause it all just adds to the flavor!! I must introduce that method to my own kids – they’d love it. They have made damper in the oven but there’s something special about it being made in the Great Aussie Bush 🙂

    Have fun.

  3. Hi K all the way from Perth!!! Yup Mother’s Day here as well and it is freezing cold and pouring with rain so we are watching movies under blankets!!! Have a happy day!!!

  4. Hi LindaOz – and I thought they had to be cooked on a stick over a fire!!! I had no other way there was another way!!!! Hope you have a great day thanks for stopping by again!!!!

  5. You inspire me, as always! I am always amazed out how in-depth your homestudies go (trying very hard not to be jealous!).

    I love the boomerang bookmarks…that would be a fun thing to do w/ the kiddos.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. Hay S, Don’t dispair – it isn’t my energy!!! There are a whole lot of other folk bouncing around here, seriously I am often just here for the ride!!! Have a great week!!!

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