Happy Birthday Hood #2…

Eleven on the Eleventh!!!


Hope you have a fabulous year full of inventing and concocting,


reading and creating,


balancing  and thinking,


watching and playing…


You are the best big brother!!!


Hope you have a fabulous year full of Fun!!!


15 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #2…”

  1. Happy Birthday Hood no 2. Hope it was a wonderful day. And I must agree, you are the best big brother.

    and Mom, why did you cut of those beautiful hair of his? My boy had the same hair, just blond. And when he turned 5, he wanted short hair. It was a sad day in my life.

  2. Hay S, Yup Eleven was my very best!!! I had a bike and went cycling all over the neighborhood with my best friend – best summer ever!!! Hope you guys have a good week!!!

  3. Happy eleven on the 11th. You are certainly the best big brother and a whole lot of other nice things too. Have a very happy year.

  4. Hay KM, Thank – you … it is so funny how quickly we forget how cute they were… those little googly glasses were so darling!!! Have a good week!!!

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