The Week That Was – 2.50…

Another week that was… and we have been cold!!! Certainly a lot more blue on our calendar than we had this time last year and it really doesn’t help to see 90 % of all other bloggers enjoying their summer!!! I will not complain our days are glorious and another blanket on the bed makes ALL the difference, why am I so slow to get round to this every year!!!


Meanwhile our windowsill garden is sprouting galore:


And the poinsettias are spectacular:

DSC_0407Really spectacular:


Otherwise we went with friends to look at penguins:


And the penguins looked back at us:


And their babies are too cute:


Otherwise South Africa is wild with enthusiasm… Almost every car is smothered in flags and the sound of Vuvuzela’s is no longer just coming from our house but every person on every corner is blowing them – all day and all night… Fun times!!!


We were gifted… a whole bag of Crayola’s from a friend returned from afar… and a heap of exciting things from a friend in Australia… Just look at those hats!!!


There were frog games:



There was some serious concocting…it took more than half the day and lemons and heaps of herbs and mustard and vinegar, and a dash of this and a dash of that and a couple more dashes and then sieving and pouring and … and chopping and grating and zesting… I could go on!!!


There is evidence that we live with an eight month old, seriously…


I have been visited by a number of little people dancing along my keyboard…


And a birthday, which means a trip to the ice-cafe:


And ice-creams all round:


Our book of the week, well I have read it through twice already in a week and hence it’s claim to fame, has to be:

Hood #1: Did a heap of work, like everything is up to date… we have a whole lot of things looming and he wants to partake!!!DSC_0435

Hood #2: Has a heap of work to catch up on… and did some slaving away!!!


Hood #3: Thought I wouldn’t notice as she read her way through a whole pile of these books:DSC_0432

Hood #4: This spy went out in the cold to see if he could see his father person coming home across the bay…



Hood #5: Sat in the garden bench and dreamt some elaborate dreams… and made some elaborate plans and told some elaborate tales…


Hood #6: Discovered couch time with her little brother is not quite as relaxing as she might have thought.


Hood #7: What can I say – she is a great help in the kitchen!!!


Hood #8: Has discovered Hide and Seek and his siblings have discovered how easy it is to “hide” from an eight month old.


Not to mention he discovered a book – with a fluffy sheep that felt just like his beloved bath towel and he is in heaven!!!


That’s us !!! Have a Great Week!!!

6 Replies to “The Week That Was – 2.50…”

  1. Oh darling penguins! And of course even more darling kiddos! Enjoy your snuggly, cozy weather

  2. Hi Kimberly…those little penguins are so cute and we were there at just the right time to see the parents feeding their babies. I am very glad that my babies don’t smell quite as bad as little penguins!!! Have a good week!!!

  3. Sounds like a fun week! I have a math question for you…do you use any Singapore supplements to the main Singapore text and workbooks? Or do you just wait until your dc are in 4a and add in Key to books? Do you rotate topics in Key To books? I’m liking that idea. Thanks! Lillian

  4. Thanks S, Right now there is a heap of snow on those distant purple mountains and we are just about freezing to death!!! Have a good week!!!

  5. Hi Lillian, the more I thought about replying to your comment the more I thought I should probably write a math post – what we actually do for math. Look out for it in the next week or two!

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