Se7en’s 2010 World Cup Hats… Cardboard Makarapas

Finally we have done a World Cup craft…


Our World Cup posts so far:

Now the World Cup Crafts that spring to mind would be Vuvuzela related…

We decided to do something relating to head gear and a quick look around the world Cup and you will see why… everybody has something interesting and unique on their heads – everybody!!! Apart form hair colors and amazing wigs… There are the Makarapas, these are hats made by cutting shapes out of builders hard hats and opening the hats out. Makarapa means hard hat in Fanakalo and developed when fans started wearing hard hats to matches to protect their heads from flying objects!!! I kid you not!!! They are handpainted and unique to particular teams, matches, players and so on – if you want to see a gallery of the most amazing hats then follow this link. And here is our cardboard kiddable version:


Let’s Meet The Players:

  • Cardboard, cereal boxes worked for us.
  • Markers, crayons, whatever for drawing.
  • Scissors for trimming.
  • Masking tape for applying bling.
  • Bling: We used pipe-cleaners, tissue paper, pompoms and glitter glue.

Let’s Play The Game:

  1. We started with Cereal box cardboard and peak shaped hats.
  2. DSC_0266DSC_0267

  3. We were gifted with a bag of Crayolas – and you know how I love and adore Crayola… (Life could quite simply begin and end with Crayola’s and post it notes!!!). So out came the crayola’s and  everyone drew a soccer match, with the stadium along the flat end of the hat.
  4. DSC_0268


  5. We bent the “stadium” part of the hats up.
  6. DSC_0452

  7. Then we carefully cut out some of the soccer goals and players and we punched holes in the corners for added elastic:
  8. DSC_0457DSC_0479DSC_0461DSC_0459

  9. And they wouldn’t be complete without a bit of bling: So we hauled out the glitter, pipe-cleaners, feathers and pom poms. First we placed a couple of things along strip of masking tape… and we stuck the tape to the turned up section of the hats.
  10. DSC_0477DSC_0478DSC_0485DSC_0487

  11. Then we glued and pasted and prettied up our hats:
  12. DSC_0489


  13. Finally we punched holes in them and added elastic and our hats were good to go.
  14. DSC_0546DSC_0548DSC_0552DSC_0553DSC_0554DSC_0556DSC_0559DSC_0560

Some folks were even brave enough to wear them!!!


And one of us just couldn’t stand to take theirs off!!!


Have Fun!!!



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  1. Hay J, glad you liked them!!! One little person especially loves her hat and cannot part with it even momentarily!!! Have a fun week!!!

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