Se7en’ s Week of Celebrities – Tell Us Your Se7en Things…

A couple of weeks ago we won a prize on the Crafty Crow – I know how weird is that!!! Who actually wins GiveAways… A hand-painted work of art by Louise Pfanner from Papernation. I saved it to show you during our celebrity week – Isn’t it darling… DSC_0864

Look at all the little tiny personal details that she so cleverly gleaned from reading our blog. I just love how she got each kidlet. I just totally love it!!!

DSC_0869 DSC_0870 DSC_0871 DSC_0872 DSC_0873 DSC_0874 DSC_0875 DSC_0876 DSC_0877

Anyway I have asked a couple of my favorite bloggers to tell me se7en things – any old things: their best, their worst, their funnest things… and I never expected to get a whole heap of replies!!! No wonder I love blogging… So this week I am going to be posting a bunch of “my must read every post favorite blogs” and their se7en things… Meanwhile I thought all our readers  might like to tell me se7en things in the comments… se7en of your best books, se7en of your best colors, se7en of your favorite names, se7en of your favorite things to eat, se7en of your favorite places… se7en anythings – go ahead and comment away…

And to kick you off here are se7en of my things: In a world where mothering isn’t very fashionable and almost every parenting article written is how to be a better mother in some manner or other – here are my se7en things that help me remember that I am doing a fine  job despite the plethora of mistakes I make!!!

  1. A whispered “Hope you have a great day in “se7en+1” ears every morning.
  2. Hours and hours of unscheduled time for my kids to explore whatever they need to explore.
  3. Messy art projects while I am cooking.
  4. Letting my kids sleep as late as they like everyday – I know the books would have a lot to say about that one!!!
  5. Celebrating food and taking the time to eat from scratch.
  6. Clambering into ridiculously “small for a mother person nooks and crannies” to read stories.
  7. Spontaneous “slamming on the breaks” outings and exploring wherever we find ourselves.
  8. And the “se7en + 1th” thing:

  9. Bedtime stories, no matter who is visiting, no matter how late it is.

That’s it… tell us your se7en…

5 Replies to “Se7en’ s Week of Celebrities – Tell Us Your Se7en Things…”

  1. 1. My top thing is seeing my daughter with her light on in bed writing her stories – this from a girl who hated reading/writing only a year ago. It warms my heart.

    2. Seeing the pride on my son’s face when he collected his football end of season trophy.

    3. Watching my 4 year old carefully trace his numbers and letters and being like his older siblings.

    4. Having playmates over during world ‘school’ time because we’re all done for the day.

    5. Having Dad teach the 2 year old motor mechanics.

    6. Listening to my 7 year old maths genius work out problems that we have never even asked.

    7. Bedtime stories too. They are the best after a long and busy day.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new art work. I remember when you won that. HOW WONDERFUL. I’ve got 7 for you— SEVEN ways I describe one of my favorite supermamas (AKA YOU)!
    You are
    3. GENTLE
    7. FUNNY and SMART
    plus 1:
    8. one of the nicest people I know. :):):)
    Happy Anniversary. God Bless!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Katherine-Marie… The only way I could publish this is to pretend it is about somebody who totally isn’t me!!! I know if don’t publish it you would find a way to sneak it past me!!! Hope you guys are having a fun time back together!!!

  4. What a beautiful artwork – a treasure to keep!

    Seven random favourite things:

    1. limes
    2. espresso
    3. sunshine!
    4. inspiring blogs
    5. wispy small baby girl hair
    6. same small baby girl’s fat cheeks
    7. dad reading bedtime story every night

    (8. last but not least always and forever essential favourite: dark chocolate!)

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