Se7en’s Celebrities: Meet Me At Mikes…

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7 Wintery Things I Love

1. Hot cups of Miso Soup eaten with a spoon :
2. Daytime hot water bottles : under blankets, in front of the telly :
3. Watching Ashes to Ashes whilst enjoying the above :
4. Looking at blogs from Sweden and Norway and imagining it’s Summer here, too
5. Wearing boots and clogs with legwarmers and tights :
6. My new studio : it’s cosy and cute and I share it with the lovely Victoria Mason
7. Crocheting A LOT : at the moment a blanket for my friend Emma’s ( baby Hazel. Then to finish my granny blanket.  And then on to a scarf! Yay!

xx Pip

Thanks Pip, I love your eclectic wonderful blog… and your wintry list of links is just “ACE”

3 Replies to “Se7en’s Celebrities: Meet Me At Mikes…”

  1. Thank you so VERY much for introducing me to MEET ME AT MIKES… such a FANTASTIC place to visit. Se7en– did you send in an envelope yet?

  2. Hay KM- I love and adore Meet ME At Mikes!!! Did you send an envelope? Oh that kills me !!! Ours is sitting in the front hall… looking at me with great big “SEND ME TO AUSTRALIA ” eyes…

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