Se7en’s Celebrities: Juggling Motherhood…

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Se7en things I would tell myself when I started Motherhood:

  1. Beware of your expectations of yourself. There is no such thing as a super mama! As rewarding as motherhood is, there are difficult times. We need to ride through them and not be so hard on ourselves when everything isn’t “perfect”. Also, it is ok to receive help 😉
  2. Never compare yourself to other mothers. The problem with comparing is that we often compare our weaknesses to other’s strengths! How fair is that?!?! Instead of spending our energy thinking about what we aren’t good at, why not spend it focusing on finding out what our unique attributes are.
  3. Love your body, no matter what “state” it is at the moment. Our bodies sure do get a battering when we have kids. We need to be working towards a path of loving our new body and healthy living. Anything else can really can get you down, and the people around you aren’t blind to it (especially our daughters, who are learning about their self-image from us.)
  4. Fight the guilt. We can make ourselves feel guilty about EVERYTHING. How we use our time, the state of our house, etc etc. Just LET IT GO. It’s toxic. Stop over analysing everything and just put one foot in front of each other and try our best.
  5. You are not a terrible mother if you are having a hard time or put time aside to do something “just for you”. Great mothers have fantastic days and hard days. Great mothers spend quality time with their kids, and quality time with herself. We are not robots, and our kids wouldn’t want us to be! We are much better at giving hugs and kisses than a robot right!
  6. Try and always have a support group. It is so therapeutic to be able to share, to laugh and to listen. Perhaps it is a family member, a best friend, antenatal group, a mother’s group, forum, blogging etc. The advice, support and perspective you get from other mothers’ experiences are priceless.
  7. Seek out the beautiful and marvel at it. There are beautiful moments in motherhood every day, but we will end up missing if we focus on the negative. Marvel at your child’s smile, marvel at their chubby little hands, marvel at their giggle, marvel at the crease in their forehead when they concentrate, marvel at the small and beautiful moments every day. 

Thanks Meeks for your fabulous list of Se7en things!!! I just totally love it!!!

11 Replies to “Se7en’s Celebrities: Juggling Motherhood…”

  1. Very helpful; especially should be read by new moms, and those with very little ones! Often physically and emotionally tough.

  2. Hi KM… It’s a good one isn’t it!!! I am amazed at all the different and brilliant lists that arrived!!!

  3. Hay Aunty Muffin, Good to hear from you!!! Isn’t it amazing how much we know in hindsight… and some of us are slow learners and have to have a heap of lessons/children to get it!!! Have a great day!!!!

  4. Loving all the lists from your celebrity bloggers and your list too! I love the variety.

    Once again, thank you for including me 🙂

  5. I am too often influenced by what other moms and kids are doing rather than finding what is best for us as a family. This is so helpful. Thanks for the post!

  6. Hay Meeks, So glad you stopped by!!! I am loving the lists – I still have a ton to go and they are all so very different!!! Thanks for your wonderfully thoughtful list!!! Have a fun week!!!

  7. Oh Debbie comparative studies are the beginning and the end of any good day!!! We all know this and we all fall into the trap… Even on a perfect day other folks days appear to be somewhat silver lined!!! Isn’t this a great post!!! Have a good week!!!

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