Se7en’s Celebrities: Steady Mom…

Here are 7 things I love about blogging:

1. It lets me meet new people who think I am a celebrity (thanks, se7en!!)

2. It gives me a creative, adult outlet when spending all my days with young little people

3. Through blogging I’ve connected with kindred spirits from all over the globe

4. I’m able to share my passions with an interested audience

5. I love creating an inspiring spot in the blogosphere where moms feel encouraged

6. I love readers who share gracious comments on Steady Mom–they are the best!

7. I love that blogging (which I didn’t really want to do at first) has become one of the most enjoyable aspects of my very lovely life.


Thanks Jamie, What a great blog, what a great list – everything is true. And thank-you for curbing my blogging passion with a weekly 30-minute blog challenge!!!

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