Se7en’s Celebrities: Christine at Core Foundations…

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Se7en completely random things (or “things that are popping into my head as I’m first waking up”):
  1. I love quiet mornings when I’m awake and my kids are sleeping.  And I like how each one generally wakes up in turn and I get a couple of minutes with them one-on-one.
  2. I seem to have misplaced my watch.  It was so hot yesterday so the strap was bothering me.  I took it off and now can’t find it.
  3. I absolutely LOVE finding the perfect map!  (I wind up making over 90% of our own.)
  4. It is so humid outside right now you can *see* the air.
  5. I need more pot-luck recipes, (and summer time recipes for that matter).
  6. I’m missing my son, who’s away on vacation with friends.  I know he’s having a grand time though, so I’m happy for him.
  7. I have some the best collection of friends right around me (geographically) right now. Add that to the fact that hubby just retired from the military. . .I get to enjoy them for some time!
Christine – Thank you for your random list and your daily bloggings that are so real and so funny!!! You have no idea how inspiring it is to have living proof of kids who have gone the whole homeschooling distance and a mother who has more than survived it!!!


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