Se7en’s Massive Pampers GiveAway…

I have been promising a GiveAway all week and here it is at last. We are a combination diaper family, sometimes cloth – I can’t resist a baby’s bottom in a toweling diaper, and some disposables – for outings and at night-time. When Pampers offered me a pack to try out and a number of packets to GiveAway I was all for it!!! Anyway turns out these are just divine, they are indeed the Rolls Royce of disposables. Lovely, comfy, cute, on every front they were fantastic!!!


What I didn’t know and you probably don’t know is that Pampers have a great website. I never would have thought to look at their website, I just grab the top diaper, apply to little bottom and move on… I was very pleasantly surprised. Packed with tips from real experts – like Sister Lilian!!! I love Sister Lilian, she is gentle, understanding and realistic, just have a look at her twelve steps to a sleeping baby. Anyway their website is packed with tips from experts and moms alike… tips from sleeping, feeding, everything really it’s a great resource!!!

So even though I don’t live with the face of Pampers (!) I do have, are you ready for it:



I have se7en packets of diapers and packets of wet wipes to Give Away to mom’s in the Western Cape. (Sorry but further afield is just too awkward to post.) So I am looking for Se7en winners: A packet of diapers and a box of wipes for each winner.

If you are a mom in the Western Cape and you would like to win then you will have to unlurk and comment!!!

Tell us your best ever all time absolute favorite mothering tip.

I will give you until the end of play on Wednesday, 14 July 2010, next week to comment on this post, with a mothering tip and I will announce all the winners sometime next Thursday. Only one comment per mom… but call your friends and tell them about it – really it can’t be beat!!! A whole packet of Pampers and wipes delivered to your door… Comment Away!!!

35 Replies to “Se7en’s Massive Pampers GiveAway…”

  1. ooh pick me! I have so many tips it’s hard to think of the top one. But maybe sticking with the nappy theme…

    You don’t need to wipe if it’s just a wet nappy. The pH of urine is fine. All the unesessary wiping can actually give them a rash. So, just be quick to change a soiled nappy because the pH level here is what burns the skin. And keep them fairly dry because it’s the warm moisture that can also encourage thrush down there.

    But the whole quick change if it’s just a wee has saved me hours of sleep and crying in the middle of the night!

  2. My all time favourite tip:
    – your kids will only be little for such a short season in your life. Don’t push them to grow up too fast. Savour every moment and “let them be little”


  3. My best tip: savour every moment, even when you don’t feel like it, because they grow up in the blink of an eye…

  4. Not sure if I’d call it my top tip, but I’ll stick with the nappy theme just to help my highly pregnant brain pick:

    Use ordinary bicarbonate of soda to soak (or add a little to wash) clothing soiled with poo… no scrubbing needed & its much kinder to the cloth, your hands, the environment & baby’s skin.

  5. hi.. I’ll also keep with the nappy theme. If those bad rashes do appear, apply egg-white. Yes, raw egg-white. It hurts a lot while you put it on for a bit, but next time you change a nappy you and baby won’t remember about there being a problem…egg-white has some property that fights infection I think? and it forms a thin layer of ‘skin’ over very sore bottoms:)

  6. My favourite tip comes in the shape of a quote: “A mother’s heart is a child’s schoolroom”. And a packet of pampers would be great – I just put the 2 year old and the 5 month old in the same size!

  7. I’m a new mom… four months and counting. So I’m usually on the recieving end of the mothering tips – and Im forever gratefull to those who share their prescious pearls! But let me throw in my 2 cents in anyways…
    My tip is – Relax! The feeling of being completely overwhelmed is one that I’m sure many new mothers experience… often. I found myself getting in a frizzle about every minor detail. But I realised that my son is ok, and I’m ok. And if a problem arises we’ll deal with it, but till then I’ll just take a deep breath and enjoy my prescious gift.

  8. Great give-away!!

    My tip comes from a much-wiser-than-me father of 6.
    3 things you need to do as parents for your kids
    1 – love them
    2 – discipline them
    3 – enjoy them
    When I’m overwhelmed by the zillions of things I’m not getting right, I return to that advice, take a deep breath and re-focus!

  9. Ok, I think my top mothering tip would be:
    Throw those baby books out! God has given you gentle, nurturing mothering instincts to follow.
    Follow your heart and respond to your babies needs with gentle love and care when they need it. This will set you up for a great relationship later on. For me some of the books that were helpful were from the La Leche League library of our local group, but these were so different from the local baby mags and baby books available here in SA.

  10. Right now in this freezing weather my best tip is…a beanbag. Heat it up a little and pop it into baby’s cot or bed before they get in. It warms it up so nicely and they sleep all the better!You can find these at your local pharmacy (usually).

  11. I don’t usually offer too much parenting advice as kids can be so different and what works for one child and family won’t necessarily work for another. .. so my tip would just be try not to stress too much if your baby doesn’t do things by the book or as you expect he or she will. And hang in there, a baby who refuses to latch for the 1st day of his life may well go on to become an avid breastfeeding fan! A child who will not let a spoonful of food go anywhere near his mouth for his whole first year may well go on to become an enthusiatic and adventurous diner! Kids can surprise you in the end and have their own timetables which can’t be hurried along.

  12. Do not compare your baby/toddler with another one! Each child and each family is unique!! Hard, but try, and have a sense of humour!

  13. No matter what you do as a mother as long as everything you do is dome out of love everything will work out.

  14. The most important tip (and the hardest to learn) has been to TRUST MY OWN JUDGEMENT. As a moms I often feel like I have to look elsewhere for the answers, and that there is a “right” way to do things. But the answer that is right for my child so often lies inside me!

  15. Life is so hurried – Take TIME to listen to your children and understand them!
    and NEVER FORGET to say I love you EVERYDAY!

  16. There are times when one makes a quick decision that you later think is wrong. Be willing to admit your mistake, talk to your child about it and apologise to them. We all make mistakes in judgement at times and it is important to learn one does not lose face by saying ‘sorry’ or admitting that you were wrong.
    This give away is well timed, Just what is needed for a baby shower!

  17. When I was a new mom and struggling to get out of my pajamas before noon. My mom said : “Dress yourself first, no one will know if the baby is still wearing pajamas or not.” Some mornings (and more) still found me in PJs!

  18. My biggest source for the tips that really work is to go straight to the top: God! I’ve been amazed and delighted at how His guidance sorts me out with my kids, when I follow it. That’s a tip that’ll link people to dozens of other tips. We’re going to be needing nappis at our house again!! I’m thrilled, but I’m not expecting. It’s Gloria again.

  19. I suggest to trust the Lord’s guidance. He says in Psalms that He will teach and lead you. We are expecting a 2nd baby and we would like to have the nappies. : )

  20. Oooh, those Pampers will be welcome here! My top tip comes in a quote that has helped me keep perspective when things become a bit rough around here: “Let’s not sacrifice the eternal on the altar of the immediate”. This has reminded me time and again to stress less about a dirty house, and embrace instead a snuggle on the couch with my little ones and a good picture book. It helps me to remember that ‘it is just water’ and let them enjoy all that joyous splashing or messy ‘dish washing’. When I keep an eternal perspective w.r.t parenting, it is amazing how many things turn out to be small stuff, and I am reminded to enjoy and invest in the real biggies!

  21. If you are trying to get the house clean and your little one wants to constantly fiddle with things she’s not supposed to then give her a little cloth or sponge, put some soap on it and give her a wall to wash that has needed a scrub for a while. Might be a bit messy if the cloth is too wet, but by the time she is finished not only has she had loads of fun but the wall is just that little bit cleaner.

  22. I’ll stick to the nappy theme as well seeing as I’m having one of many braindead moments. I use aqueous cream and tissues to clean dirty bottoms at home (wipes when I go out) as it saves money, soothes and moisturises the skin, PLUS it seems to work better at removing very adherent faeces like after they’ve eaten pronutro, sea sand or if I hadn’t noticed the dirty nappy due to my nose being blocked etc…!… have to maintain a good sense of humour too as a mom ( thats a second tip, I guess)

  23. When I asked my mom (mom of 4 and gran to 15) about a difficult discipline situation and how I should handle it, she encouraged me to simply ask God for wisdom for THAT child in THAT situation. No formulas, just relying on His Holy Spirit. Easier said than done but great advice I try to live and remember when the going gets tough (o:

    I’d love to have some free nappies, my third son is due in 2 days (HOORAY! Hope he comes on time!) and so I’ll have two little boys in nappies.

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