Saturday Spot: The Crafty Corner… Another Sanity Saver and Super Quick Paper Dolls…

Last week I wrote a post for Juggling Motherhood: Se7en’s Favorite Holiday Finds… And the very first thing on the list was a tray of crafty fun. I took a whole lot of crafty goodness off the dresser and gathered up my secret stash and popped everything on a tray. My intention was to save it for our school break in two weeks time but it was too good to be true!!! And what a Winter lifesaver it has been!!! Really just change the presentation and it is a whole new adventure!!!


Now at the end of the day when it gets too cold and dark outdoors and it isn’t yet time for dinner we pop the tray on the table and get arting. There is everything we could possibly need to play with:


Stickers and fancy card, pipe-cleaners and markers, gel pens and colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks.


Stamp pads and sticks, foam and bottle tops, stamps, chalks and fancy blades for snipping.


And this is what we have been making… endless paper dolls!!!


Step 1: Draw a gingerbread man shape on a piece of printer paper, use a marker.


Step 2: Fold the paper over.


Step 3: And draw some clothes on the front cover. You should see the marker gingerbread man shining through from below.



Step 4: Decorate your clothes.



Step 5: Open up your card and snip the clothes and the gingerbread man out.



Step 6: Leave a tab to fold over on the top of the clothes.


Step 7: And you are done… Have Fun!!!

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