National Science Week… And The MTN Science Center…

I have been promising my kids we would visit the MTN Science Center for the longest time!!! I even said we would go during the school holidays, turned out our week off school was during National Science Week!!! Eugh… I thought it would be packed with people… and when we arrived the queues outside were terrifying, but lets just say it is big enough to absorb a crowd. We had a splendid time and I know because three hours later my two most energetic of “the hoods” looked like this, dare I say a little worn out…


Now we haven’t been to the science center for ages… we were totally spoilt by the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum in London, they are free and VERY hands on… but even I have to realize that London is a bit out of the way away!!! Anyway I looked back – it really has been a while: Here are Hoods 1, 2 and 3 last time we visited…


Here we are back in the present and something for everyone:

Hood #1: The Wave generator…


Hood #2: The Vortex…


Hood #3: Could not resist this…


Hood #4: Was everywhere!!!


Hood #5: Lingered at every weird mirror…


Hood #6: Loved the nails and the cd player…



Hood #7: Was all for being photographed…as a “still life” and loved the giant bottle xylophone…



Hood #8: Could not get enough of the dominoes!!!


There was heaps of other good stuff:


But the over riding winning item, that everybody just cannot get enough of is: the building site… with pulleys and levers and all sorts of machines and gear and well, building on a grand scale!!!


And while everybody loved this the most… there were two particular players that just couldn’t get enough of it!!!

Anyway the reason I am posting this now, is… Cape Townians: The Science Center is having a Family Fun Day on Saturday 7 August and entry is free – don’t say I didn’t tell you all!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

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  1. What a delightful and educational experience!!! My favorite science center is located in SEATTLE… lets plan a meet up there sometime! heheheheh…

  2. Wow, I go on a wee vacation and then need to deal with a broken computer (still not fixed) and I find I’m 55 blog posts behind on your lovely blog. Missed you.

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