The Week That Was – 3.6

Well we call it Winter but actually it has just been glorious… I have a feeling we are in for some wet weather still, I can’t believe we got off so lightly!!!


Not that it hasn’t been cold or anything…


And the whales have arrived!!! But none of them were close enough for a shots that would be more than a speck in a wide blue ocean… patience!!!


Otherwise there was a heap of school and a couple of joyful outings…


Tree Climbing…


And more of the same…


And balloons…


And toss the pinata… just because we can!!!


And extremely exhausting music concerts…


I know it was exhausting because one of us was having some very looong blinks, sometimes eyelids can be extremely heavy!!!


There was science:


And static:


And brothers in arms:


And that’s why he get’s called “Captain Cuddles”…


There were mad bikes…


And brotherly bikes…


And buddies bikes…


And scooter bikes…


And sleep – it’s my fault I wrote a post all about sleep!!!


And our book of the week has to be:

Understood Betsy.jpg

And this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Left a hot air balloon on my keyboard.


Hood #2: was caught plotting and planning…

Hood #3: What can I say: Best friends…


Hood #4: Has gone mad for Greek Myths!!!


And spent an entire afternoon launching himself through this cat-flap…


Hood #5: Is into self-portraits…


Not to mention he has taken on “perfecting project raisin bread”


And no-one’s complaining!!! Living with a chef has its advantages!!!


Hood #6: Couldn’t get enough of the swing… and funny faces!!!


Hood #7: Has taken on furiously fast football… Not a quiet game!!!


Hood #8: It doesn’t matter what he does he has the cutest feet…


And the sparkliest grin:


That’s us!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

9 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.6”

  1. I love that pic of you reading to your boys. It looks like that at my house all the time – me sitting and reading to someone in the midst of “living mess”. It takes some self control to stay there and smile at the people who come to the door rather than fluff about trying to look like I’m cleaning!

  2. Hay Jess, Isn’t it funny how much destruction a 10 month old can create while you calmly sit amidst it and read away!!! It certainly looks like chaos rules doesn’t it!!! hope you have a great week!!!

  3. I love the way you have to hold down no 4 and 5 to get them to listen to you….
    Also the “Static” is just classic 🙂
    Have a good week.

  4. I see Tintin! I picked up a hardcover Tintin with three adventures in it at the opshop last week for $2. Bargain. And it’s already had its $2 worth… Elisha can’t put it down.

  5. I really look foward to seeing what each hood has been up too. Thank you for sharing all the fun moments with us!

  6. What a fun week you guys had! I love the photos you put up – and so glad that you’ve got them big so we get to enjoy your family pics in detail 🙂 They’re really special photos of great family times. Love ’em! And, I had to say, one of our favourite books has also been Understood Betsy! What an awesome book – brought me to tears too many times to count however. Kids are now predicting when “mama is gonna cry” (that’ll be Katie’s latest saying!) Seriously, even if we don’t homeschool throughout school years, I think I’ll still follow Sonlight’s read aloud programme just for the wonderful gems we get to share. Love it love it love it!!! 🙂

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