The Week That Was – 3.7

Well this week was not the best week we have ever had… lots of waiting in the car while a hood of ours had many pre-music-exam lessons… and lots and lots of school got done… All the back to school on the web has gotten under my skin and we are getting done and dusted!!! It has also been gloriously sunny and we have been weeding away and starting to make a small dent in the jungle we call our garden!!! Where have I been, our garden has literally gone wild – but that’s what happens when you look away for a couple of weeks!!!


It was a week of work from start to finish, the only things chilling were the chillies!!!


What we did discover amidst our cold wintry weekend was a poppy popping!!! I think it may have made an error – it is a little bit early to be thinking of spring – isn’t it? Did I miss winter?


So we went on a little spring hunt around the garden and discovered there is a bit of evidence that I may indeed have missed winter – though I am sure more rainy weather is due to us…


So a week of waiting around in the car, we did manage to get to gym a couple of times… well done mother person (yes I do hear the wild applause!!!)… and here we are the final wait on a glorious day while our trumpeter tootled his way through his exam… I must say music exams are somewhat over-rated: a heap of work for a five minute appearance and then months of waiting for your results and those are always somewhat subdued and well never encouraging!!!


And waiting…


And then running round and round those sports fields!!!


Well not everyone ran around the field… some of us just sat!!!


And we saw Cape town cooling towers collapse… Who knew it would be such an event. We were driving home from the city center and came across the most amazing traffic jam!!! The whole highway was blocked with folks just stopping their cars and leaving them to view the great spectacle. I tell you the World Cup was nothing compared to this!!! So here you are: that puff of dust at the bottom of the sign post is the whole event!!!


And now they are gone… really not the most eventful event – maybe I am missing something here!!!


Otherwise we had time for books…


And bugs…




And creating…


And more books…


And gappy teeth…


And games…


And funny faces in sunny spots and a “girls only” book-nook… and if I say sunny spots on a cold wet weekend all my North American friends will just about die laughing (one child has long sleeves and jeans on) – folks your idea of cold and our idea of cold are two vastly different things. For us a splash of rain means: “Don’t head out there it is just too perilous!!”


Did I say books!!!


And a wild game of… ummmm…


Not sure but they were after us… or we were after them…


And it was really wild as only these two can be!!!


And just incase you are one of our readers that thinks our house is always perfect… do notice the popcorn all over the floor (second to last photo)… I despair and now just scatter snacks to the four walls… a hungry mouse will eventually eat it… or I will eventually sweep it!!!

Our book of the week simply has to be this one:

Augustus and His Smile.jpg

Gotta totally love the story of the Tiger the travels far and wide to find his smile… I have only read it about a million times and frankly I am happy to read it about a million more!!!

And this fellow has been adorning my keyboard this week – along with the usual pile of about a bazillion pictures for the blog… just be glad I edit somewhat!!!


And this is what the hoods got up to: Keep in mind that in life there is a time to work and a time to play… a time to be flexible and a time to be scheduled… this was indeed a week of work!!!

Hood #1: There was math.


Hood #2: There was history.


Hood #3: There was science.


Hood #4: There was more science.


Hood #5: There was invention.


Hood #6: There was art.

Hood #7: There was baking.

Hood #8: There was clambering and sight seeing…


And that’s us!!! Hoping for another week packed with just as much “work”!!! Hope you all have a fun one!!!

2 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.7”

  1. ok, the funny thing was I was all “oh glory day look food on her floor, someone else has food on her floor in a picture” love that. I have to crop out the mess around my little one and most of the time can’t get it all out ūüėČ

  2. Hay Nina, Oh Glory Day indeed!!! I reckon some things are more important than popcorn crumbs on the floor!!! Have a great week!!!

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