Saturday Spot: The Sketch Book Project…

I was so inspired by Geninne’s Art Blog and her Sketch Book Project… that I wrote off for one for us!!!

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

And it arrived last week!!! Much to great excitement and thrilling wonder – a fresh blank moleskin, that we have to fill with something creative and wonderful…


And we wanted to dive in straight away… but then decisions, decisions…

Do we keep it classic and pristine? Pen and pencil or splashed with color?


Do we cut and craft? Do we stick and glue?

Or we going to use words or just illustrations… we don’t know where to start… but everyone wants to make a mark!!!

We chose a theme: “A Day in the Life.” It is broad and we could pack it with just about anything!!!

I have always wanted to write a book… and now we have one that we have to fill and none of us knows where to start… Nobody wants to make the first mark!!! Suddenly a moleskin that I can jam full of stuff on a regular day is overwhelming – the pages so crisp and clean!!! And I know we are going to have to get started sometime… So if you have any fabulous tips on where to begin… let us know!!! What would you like to find in a book by “se7en +1” – we are open to suggestions and will listen to all advice and then eventually do completely our own thing!!! So far it is blank – very blank!!!

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10 Replies to “Saturday Spot: The Sketch Book Project…”

  1. I dove right in with color! Color by far and away is more interesting imho. I’m just working to make it readable and not too cluttered. I’m thinking of giving each kid a page every once in a while.

  2. I think your very first page should have a picture of the “authors”. Maybe they could draw a picture of themselves or something that’s important to them. . . Something that marks its “authorship”.

  3. Hay Kara!!! Thanks for stopping by… I am holding my breathe to see what we come up with too!!! Have a fun week!!!

  4. Hay Mamalion – Great to know we are not alone!!! I have a feeling it is going to be: Here is a page “go for it”… and if we do that a couple of times our book should fill up!!! Have a fun week!!!

  5. Right C, Who would have thought of that – already you are way ahead of me!!! Now that I think of it some sort of authorship would be a VERY good place to start!!! Have a good week!!!

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