Se7en Crafting Clay Creations…

Where have I been!!! My kids have loved clay forever and I have always avoided it because I just couldn’t face the mess!!! But on a whim I bought a bag of clay a couple of weeks ago and I seem to have lost my children – who dash to finish school so that they can head outdoors and create with clay… Nothing fancy, no firing, no glazing, and no new dinner service!!! But hours and hours of fun and hours and hours of perfect quiet as everyone gets lost in their own world of clay. Really, the fun was so much more than I ever could have guessed!!!


  1. We began with a lump of clay:
  2. DSC_0693

  3. We used some old tiles for working on:
  4. DSC_0667

  5. And we made some wire cutters:
  6. DSC_0683DSC_0698

  7. Old credit cards were brilliant for smoothing and patterns:
  8. DSC_0140DSC_0142DSC_0146DSC_0153

  9. We tried our hand at slabs: Rolling the clay out and creating on them:
  10. DSC_0148DSC_0154DSC_0171DSC_0174DSC_0177

  11. Pinch Pots were pinched and pinched some more:
  12. DSC_0161DSC_0163DSC_0164DSC_0165


  13. And then we made coil pots:
  14. DSC_0156DSC_0157DSC_0158DSC_0159DSC_0189DSC_0195

  15. We even painted:
  16. DSC_0831DSC_0825DSC_0828DSC_0829DSC_0834


Here’s the gallery:


Turns out the mess is minimal, if you keep it outdoors!!! And when they are finished and the dry and brittle creations start to crumble then you toss them in a bucket with a little water and and it crumbles back to the squashy clay it once was… and you just start over!!!

That’s us! Have a fun weekend!!!

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  1. Oh how funny. My crowd are sitting around the kitchen table at this very moment making masterpieces in clay. I love your gallery. What a creative bunch you have!

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