The Week that Was – 3.9…

This post should have been called the week that totally wasn’t!!! We did nothing that we had planned…


Our car went in for more repairs… and we totally stayed home… No gym, no haircuts that we desperately need… So we freed up the weekend for a whole lot of maintenance, I had visions of a great gardening extravaganza, I had visions of tidying up our school stuff, which seems to have taken on a life of it’s own, I had visions of great blogging!!! And then we got our car back and we suddenly had plans to go places and do things – well we only got about five blocks… and then we had to call a friend to toe us home. So back to the maintenance plan… except we all got a bug and we spent the entire weekend lying around in various stages of delirium!!! Ten bodies in heaps… piles of kids on the couch, in beds, everywhere. I never ever get sick – ever… but succumbed!!! So not much fun around here that’s for sure!!! And this is as energetic as we got:


I should have known what was looming when I found this little person fast asleep in the middle of the day…


And discarded paints should have really warned me of the impending doom – who discards paints!!!


Otherwise more poppies are popping…


And we had our annual cracking of the ice… and we are back in the swim, and gathering towels at the end of the day!!!


And great applause from the sidelines…


And then there was someone who would not get in…


And then the same somebody who would not get out…


Until somebody told her there was a spider in the pool… she may never get in again!!!

Otherwise… one of our usual visitors…


And then there was the hijacking of the LEGO box:


And this fellow… DSC_0541

And the forklift were the offerings of the week on my keyboard…


And chicken dinner from Meet Me At Mikes, well not actually from her but from a recipe over there!!! One of those “no chance of failure” recipes!!!


The book of the week, don’t faint… I read a book. And I loved it. Read it from cover to cover, love the resources, love the lists, love lots of the ideas… loved it!!!

well trained mind.jpg

And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: I am not going to say anything about this one except where did he find an umbrella – it certainly isn’t ours!!!

DSC_0029DSC_0030 Hood #2: Discovered the soldering iron and I think nothing is safe anymore…


And he is working really hard on a big surprise for his music teacher…


Hood #3: Read and read…


Hood #4: Made his own breakfast… DSC_0683 I just can’t face the ketchup with the fruit… eeewww!!!


Hood #5: Went on a card playing extravaganza.


Hood #6: This person was thrilled…


And popped it in her bug box…


Just one problem… the weather has warmed up significantly and these little guys are not so little anymore and are very energetic, no small sluggish snakes anymore!!! And it escaped… who knows where… but it wasn’t outdoors at the time… and I just can’t stand to think about it!!! But it is official – no more snakes in bug boxes.

Hood #7: Made full use of her big sister…


And would I please do her hair… how can I say “What hair?” – sweet child!!!


Hood #8: He ponders…


He plays, just look at those feet …


And I captured his joke:


Not once but twice… Here he is, normal smiley self…


And then point a finger at him… well this about kills him!!!


That’s us!!! Hope you all have a great week!!!

16 Replies to “The Week that Was – 3.9…”

  1. Hay Christine!!! I am with you… when I started reading this I thought – gasp we need to add only about five thousand things to our days… but I calmed down from a hurricane to a gentle storm pretty quickly… nothing like your kids to set you straight!!! So I sat back and enjoyed the lists!!! Have a great week!!!

  2. So sorry you all got the bug. Love how you wrote that you “should’ve” know it was coming!
    Not liking the snake, though! Eeewww!

    I also just got done reading WTM and I love the early approach. Wish, even with dyslexic children, that we started the primer and writing strands. Might still pick those up. All three could use it. And just went to the library and found the workbooks and teachers manual from Jessie Wise called First Language Lessons for the WTM. I had fun reading it, and made notes to share. We’ll see how it gets used. Do you have any other books you love along these lines? I have a book from Ruth Beechick to start on next waiting for me at the library.

    Have a healthy and vibrantly fun week!

  3. your post made me smile!!!!! Visions of blogging… hehehehe… yes that’s me too. I always think I’m blogging a lot and then I look to see it didn’t happen in my sleep. I can’t believe you took a pic of that SNAKE! YIKEEES! And I see that the sunshine is upon you— I hope you have a lovely lovely spring while we go HOLIDAY crazy. 🙂

  4. Oh, I am so relating to the car being off the road at the moment. We are trying to find a house to buy and had an appointment to look at a house yesterday, but with the car off the road we couldn’t all go (can’t pack 9 people into a small 5 seater second car). So dh and I had to go on our own with baby, and the others all missed out. Hope both your car and ours are fixed soon…


  5. Thanks for the links of lists. I can’t wait to read The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and Pocket Full of Pinecones! Get well quickly all you Hoods!

  6. Oh LindaOz, Ours is not sounding good and they have stopped talking to me about it… just sort of hushed “I don’t know how long we will be” tones… They cam and fetched it on Monday morning with a huge truck… and the event was watched by the gang with “hushed horror.” Don’t I wish their was a producer of ten-seater vehicles that wanted to sponsor a South African blog right now!!! Otherwise how exciting to be looking for a house and how awful to do it without the crowds under foot!!! I will be hoping for your car to be repaired a whole lot faster than ours!!!

  7. Kim, Anytime you want to stop by and say Hood #8 is gorgeous you are most welcome!!! Love comments like that!!! Have a good week!!!

  8. I had to smile at your ‘hushed horror’ comment because I know EXACTLY what you mean, and ‘hushed horror’ is a great way of describing the ‘stunned silence’ that can occur when the unthinkable happens 🙂 I really hope your car is brought back soon.

    So, we made an offer on a house this morning and am now waiting to hear back from our real estate agent. Very exciting, but 6 out of 7 children haven’t even seen it yet (and the one that has, doesn’t care). They’ll just have to trust us…. 🙂

  9. Hay LindaOz – How exciting for you!!! I hope your whole house deal goes through and I am sure your kiddo’s will love it!!! All the best!!!

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