The Movies… Le Ballon Rouge

Turns out we are not nearly as well as I thought we were… and we are going to have a super slow week of blogging!!! Can you stand it!!! Some of us are better than others and for those of us in the better category all we are up to is really short movies and then back to a state of collapse, for a couple of hours to recover. So this is the sort of movie we have been watching – one of my all time favorite classics!!!

Go on… Give yourself a half hour break and watch it, it is on VIMEO right now!!! You will love the bittersweet. It certainly brings back gushes of memories!!! Don’t worry if your French is weak – there are no words to mention!!!

When I was a kid we had the book and I remember just loving the magic of it!!!


Have fun!!!

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  1. Thank you SO much for that! One of my all time favorites too. I just had the wonderful opportunity to share it with my husband and daughter for the first time. So nice. Thank you again!

  2. Hay April O. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! I knew it would catch one or two readers by the heart strings!!! It certainly caught ours!!! Have a fun week!!!

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