Se7en’s September…

I know I haven’t posted a calendar post for ever… but I am planning to put them out month by month… and here is September packed with goodies. I know first if the month and all that… but there are plenty of links here to feast your appetites on!!! DSC_0621


If you are looking for other calendars of note then here they are:


KinderArt’s Calendar


Enchanted Learning

Teacher Vision

That’s Us – Have a Great Month!!!

12 Replies to “Se7en’s September…”

  1. Hi Cheryl – I know I know!!! I keep not posting because it isn’t the first of the month!!! Sorry you missed an important day like Chocolate day!!! Of all the days to miss!!! Lots of love, hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!

  2. Hiya Se7en! Glad to hear you are all better…now it is our turn to be sick! LOVE this list, heaps of thanks for sharing. I have a question about the books you picture between each date. I recognise them from my Sonlights catalogue. Are these all the books you read this month or how does it work? If you guys are maybe making the trek up to the northern suburbs for the Home School Expo this weekend, please come say hi – I am exhibiting my toys!

  3. Hi Joyfulmama… So sorry you guys are not well… at least it is cozy weather in Cape Town right now. Those are indeed Sonlight catalogue books in the post that we have read and loved or will read shortly. And I am sorry to say that we never go to Homeschool events… it’s my mad anti-establishment personality!!! Actually I have a terrible time trying to shake off dozens of very friendly homeschool moms who want my poor kids to attend every homeschool activity, when they would rather be running on the beach!!! So to the beach I say!!! Hope you guys are feeling much better real soon – have a great weekend!!!

  4. *big smile* I suspected it to be so! I am also very wary of all the events for homeschoolers and though we regretably don’t have the beach, we love sticking close to home, too. But hey, we have to afford our first Sonlight order somehow, so let me go and get ready for the expo! Lovely weekend to you guys, too! Lots of love!!

  5. Wow! Wow! I think it is going to take me several days to go through this amazing September list. Thanks for including the Rosh Hashanah links, headed to check those out first. And how in the world did we miss Roald Dahl Day? We are such huge fans and one of the highlights of trip to England this summer was a trip to the village where he lived and wrote in his little writing hut. Happy to September to you and your family!

  6. Hay Joyfulmama… Good luck with your Sonlight savings!!! I think its the shipping that’s the killer but I tell myself that the shipping is part of the price… and far cheaper than sending five kids to school!!! I also do some marginal Sonlight savings – when people order their books through our website we earn a tiny commission and every little bit does eventually add up!!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  7. Oh Irene – I totally love Katherine Marie’s Pirate week!!! Thanks for reminding me!!! We have the kids version of Eat Shoots and all the others in the series – aren’t they totally cool!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  8. Lucia – You have been to Roald Dahl’s writing hut… my kids won’t believe it!!! How exciting is that!!! Lots of love – Have a lovely weekend!!!

  9. Oi! It has just occured to me that this coming Friday is Heritage Day here in the good R of SA. Some also call it National Braai Day…Any ideas for some family friendly ways to celebrate this one?

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