Se7en’s Escher Fun: Pictures, Polygons and Paper Kaleidoscopes…

We had a cold rainy afternoon and before we knew it we were in the depths of an Escher Event!!! DSC_0300

We Started this week by browsing through this book and everyone wanted to try their hand at some Escher Art:

Godel Escher Bach.jpg

  1. Never Ending Stairways: One of us was brave enough to try an Escher-ish picture, with all those never ending stairs and rivers that flow upstream…
  2. DSC_0418

  3. Water Droplet Pictures: You can have a look at his reflection pictures here: From the M.C.Escher Gallery: Self Portrait, another one and a water droplet on a leaf. This inspired all of us to try our hand at “water drop” pictures…
  4. DSC_0414DSC_0420DSC_0423DSC_0411

  5. Easy Tessellations: We moved straight on tessellation’s and had a browse through his gallery page packed with symmetry. We started with post it notes on paper… easiest tile project in the world!!! Though you might not want to let a few people round here lose with your bathroom tiles yet!!!
  6. DSC_0262



  7. And more interesting tesselations: And here is a fun tessellation project, inspired by this great tutorial:
  8. DSC_0269DSC_0270DSC_0273DSC_0277DSC_0278DSC_0283DSC_0292


  9. Chalk on tiles worked well: And before I knew it our kitchen floor tiles had taken on a chalky hue…
  10. DSC_0342

  11. Triangle, triangles, triangles: Then we started thinking about polygons and everyone tried their hand at a repeatable pattern on a triangle…
  12. DSC_0271DSC_0275



  13. Polygons: And in the olden days when I was a kid and I spent hours making these… I would have to draw endless geometric nets (a net is the shape you print out to make your polygon). Now you can simply print the geometric shape-net, (harcourtschool has a great printable), you are after, color it in, cut it out – remember to leave tabs, pop a dash of glue onto each tab and gently roll your shape together. Hold it for a little while until the glue is set… You can find any number of different paper model polyhedra from and also has many different printable polyhedron nets.




    There were regular polyhedrons…


    And some more irregular ones!!!



    DSC_0462 And the se7en + 1th Thing:

  14. Paper Kaleidoscopes: Finally this book totally inspired us to try our hands at paper kaleidoscopes… it has Escher inspired models to press out and fold and make… easy fun.
  15. Escher.jpg If you want to make your own paper kaleidoscope then you can print out the geometric nets at this sight, just scroll down a bit… Print out your net and decorate it, we used ones from the book but really if we hadn’t spent the entire day arting already we would have done our own… and I think there may well be plans afoot!!! Fold along all the lines of the net, so that the paper crumples easily. Put a dash of glue on the tabs and roll your model together.


    Okay, let me show you again. We used elastic bands to hold it together while the glue dried.


    Finally we curled them around and tucked in the last of the tabs…



    And then we waited for the glue to dry completely and then twist away!!!

    DSC_0452 DSC_0451DSC_0450DSC_0449DSC_0448DSC_0447DSC_0446

    And twist again…


    Paper kaleidoscopes – What fun!!!



That’s us. Have a Great Weekend!!!

32 Replies to “Se7en’s Escher Fun: Pictures, Polygons and Paper Kaleidoscopes…”

  1. WOW! I love this! so many good ideas here, such creativity in full bloom – what fun! What a cool experience (and I bet just as neat for you as for them, huh?)


  2. Thanks Kara. To be sure!!! Some nights supper gets very late around here because I am having more fun than everyone else!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

  3. Hi Mom in Madison!!! The big fireplace/hearth thing is part of a row of old bread ovens that were left at the back of our house… you can see them better here. We live on the edge of what was once the village green and when folks came to market they would get their bread from the bakery… the row of ovens in the stone wall at the back of our house!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Hi Julie K, Oh tesselating ghosts are fun!!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend, actually by now I should be wishing you a great week!!! Lots of love!!!

  5. oooooooooooooh! PERFECT for tomorrow morning!!!! LOVE this!!!


  6. I LOVE these ideas! The water drop pictures are so wonderful. And how clever to use post-its for tessellations! I wish your wonderful post was available after we returned from the Escher Museum in The Hague. AWESOME post. I’ll be back for sure.

  7. No Katy, You have been to the Escher Museum as well!!! I think I should send you my list of “must visit places in my life” and you can merrily visit away!!! Hope you have a grand week!!!! I am loving your trip to Ireland!!!

  8. Escher is just about my favouritest (yes, that much) artist in the whole wide world. Well, him and Monet….
    Well done!

  9. Your Escher event looks epic! So many wonderful ideas to explore Escher for a range of ages. I’d love to feature this post on my blog The Mother Lode. May I have permission to use a photo (or two – so many to choose) with links back to se7en of course?

    The Mother Lode

  10. Oh MotherLode you are most welcome, thank you so much for asking I really appreciate it!!! I love your blog and all the lovely projects you find!!!

  11. Oh my! What a FABULOUS post! I love it! How did I miss it in my round up…. I have added it. Love your site. Love your crafts. Love your art. YOU HAVE to be part of the round up 🙂


  12. Thank you Maggy, I never meant for you to link it!!! I have meant to do a great artist post all summer and I am so glad you have done it!!! Your post is brilliant… Well done!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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