The Week That Was – 3.11

A good week. A lot got done… A bit of decluttering, a bit of garden maintenance, even the mending!!! School is up to date again and we got to gym. And we had lots of time for fun stuff too!!!

It was a week of gaming:


And this is not my language:


And library books chosen by a kind granny:


And stories galore:


And cycling:


And don’t look back my boy:


Because they are after you:


And they will get you:




There were messages:


And offerings:


And music of one kind and another…


And mending:


And rock painting:


And horseing around:


There was arting and we now have a bowl of Escher inspiration…


And look: A new dishwasher!!! I can’t wait for summer to be here – this little guy is already to throw “the spanner in the works” to some very lady like tea parties we have been having!!!


And our book of the week:


Which means I have to lads who are determined to live their lives blindfold, at least until I consider getting them a guide dog!!!DSC_0521

And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: There was serenading…

And a joyful response:


Hood #2: There was game making:


Hood #3: There was scientific discovery and radish farming… they grew, they grew!!! It is the first time our radishes have sprouted and there was generalized elation!!!



Hood #4: Got a little distracted from the task at hand, which was all kinds of Escher, and whipped up a mask instead!!!


Hood #5: Got stuck into school, such a rare event that it got documented.
And he managed to completley tie up our kitchen with string and masking tape – this was just the beginning – hectic!!!


Hood #6: I never want her to stop drawing her delightful pictures…

Hood #7: Another one that just couldn’t get the repetitive nature of tessellation.


Hood #8: The question is… How many bananas can a man eat in a day?


And a longing that he was big enough for the whole biking adventure…


And was totally tricked by his big brothers…


And he discovered crayons… all on his own!!! And he was totally and absolutely absorbed!!!


That’s us!!! Have a good week!!!

4 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.11”

  1. Hmmm I have a Livingston # 2 that sounds just like hood # 5. If we are making clowns then he is building machines — very much his own mind and direction!If I have the right Hood … then ours is also a resident chef! A real SA Jamie in the making!!! Do you always let him choose his direction??? Kim

  2. Oh Stephanie!!! That is so funny – I never noticed how steep that hill is!!! I just toss my kids out the gate to ride up and down the hill when they get a little house bound!!! No wonder they all come in a little exhausted – can you imagine pedaling a trike up that!!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous Sunday!!! Have a fun week!!!

  3. Hay Kim!!! I have a couple of eccentrics!!! I do actually let them follow their own path most of the time. My first born went to art lessons when he was little and he never ever did what the rest of the class did… ever… the teacher was fabulous and let him be. Day one every painted a picture of bright colorful flowers and he produced a black and white line drawing – it was really ummm dull!!! But actually it was a lift the flap and under every single black and white petal there was a tiny bright and beautiful bug… Awesome!!! Yes I let my kids follow their path – it is sometimes a bit nerve wracking but eventually they get where they need to go, they might just take a circular route!!! Good question!!!

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