Happy Birthday Hood #1…

Happy Birthday to a great guy!!!


Se7en things:

  1. To my reader of books:
  2. DSC05827

  3. To my maker of music:
  4. DSC_0203

  5. To my rider of bikes:
  6. DSC_0497

  7. To my climber of trees:
  8. DSC_0271

  9. To my writer of books and maker of maps:
  10. DSC06949

  11. To my wearer of hats:
  12. DSC_0030

  13. To my lover of dragons:
  14. IMG_7431

    And the se7en + 1th Thing…

  15. To my explorer of note…
  16. DSC05905

    Another year another birthday and another birthday… From zero to thirteen went past in a blink…yet I cannot remember a time without you!!!


    I hope thirteen is a fabulous year for you, full of adventures and new and exciting discoveries…

9 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #1…”

  1. Happy Birthday! I love the photos. He looks like such a wonderful person to know. Wish I did in real life! I especially love the map. That was incredible!

  2. Happy birthday, although I’m quite late. Also Happy Birthday to the Mother Person (for who I am also late)
    the writer of blogs
    the mother of se7en +1 children
    the person in front of me in church
    the one who is always laughing
    the hater (sorry) of camps without friends
    the lover all things bright and beautiful
    the lover of books

    the teacher of note

    love you lots

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