How to Celebrate a Birthday in Se7en Easy Steps…

Let’s just begin by saying we have a lot of birthdays. I can tell you they come in waves, with a few scattered in between. And I can tell you that my children have wild plans for great and elaborate parties and I confess I often put their parties off for months!!! That beings said we do celebrate on the day and we do make birthdays a big deal. It doesn’t have to cost the earth to make someone feel extra special!!! So here you go Se7en quick steps to a celebratory day…

  1. No School for Anybody: If it is a birthday we don’t do school… What that means is we do all our reading, because that isn’t really school, is it?. Let’s just say that my children are conditioned to think that Bible, history, science and any other reading has absolutely nothing to do with school. What so ever!!! So we only have bookwork to catch up the next day.
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  3. The Birthday Person Gets to Choose Breakfast: And sometimes they choose cake or cookies and then I just make sure the cake is banana bread or the cookies are crunchies. Mostly they want to make it themselves.
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  5. We always go out for Ice-Cream: It took me years to realize that I could just take my kids out for ice-cream… it took a friend visiting from the states saying to me: “Should we take the kids out for ice-cream?” to realize that I could!!! I already had five kids!!! Anyway we have never looked back and now we are regular visitors to The Ice-Cafe in Kalk Bay.
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  7. We Always Head Outdoors: Even if we don’t go out, we will spend the day out in the garden – fresh air is just the best way to have a break!!!
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  9. In Between We Have a Heap of Visitors: Two grannies and heaps of friends and they just come in droves through the day!!! There are people in my household that literally thrive on visitors!!!
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  11. A Quick Cake: Really nothing fancy – I will just take my quickest easiest cake in the world recipe and turn it into cupcakes or plaster it with candles – really nothing elaborate!!!
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  13. An End of the Day Run on the Beach: We live right there and if we haven’t managed it in our quest for fresh air we head down the road. For me a birthday just isn’t a birthday without a wander on the beach!!!
  14. DSC05457
    And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

  15. A Gift: We have managed to scale down our gift giving to just one gift!!! It took a while because lets be honest we want to give our children the world and a birthday is a great excuse. Just turned out that the world isn’t a heap of stuff!!! Not that our children aren’t indulged, by any means, they have two grannies and a couple of honorable aunts who spoil them in the most delightful way!!! The awful suspense thing is that our kids have to wait until the very end of the day for the father person to return home from work to get their gift!!! But lets face it the killing suspense is wonderful!!!
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That’s it!!! Droves of Birthday Posts to Follow… they are coming they just take a bit of time!!!

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