The Week That Was – 3.12

So a week more of Spring and some semi-spring weather… DSC_0069 And the spring rains brought out the snails…DSC_0424 And made the ants move house… though we did rather wonder of they were moving our house. DSC_0060 Needless to say we got on with important things like painting…DSC_0428 And painting…DSC_0443 And painting…DSC_0464 And more painting… DSC_0465 And a galaxy of paper plates: DSC_0496 And a “snack” that I had absolutely nothing to do with!!! DSC_0350 And a stream of ships…DSC_0360DSC_0367DSC_0351 And learning: DSC_0398 And a pile of birthday cards… DSC_0383 And a stringy offering on my keyboard… DSC_0500 And a very long sit in the traffic on a public holiday…DSC_0508 And a road trip into the country past a cross-section of South African housing… DSC_0017DSC_0035DSC_0050DSC_0047 And the father person offered up a carob coated rice cake – like why!!!! DSC_0509 And one person was so excited at a weekend away he could hardly breathe… DSC_0530 Another one had been so excited for so long that by the time it arrived he was totally fatigued… DSC_0514 While one person sorted through the camp cups – again and again and again…DSC_0543 Some other guys got to go canoeing, and after waiting two years for this opportunity… DSC_0687 Three in a boat, with three different strokes… DSC_0701DSC_0702 One of us got a friend to do ALL the rowing… DSC_0675 And another let an instructor take the lead…DSC_0689 And now their lives are complete!!! Meanwhile our book of the week naturally has a spacey theme…


And this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Built a rocky island…

DSC_0507 Hood #2:Built a million towers: DSC_0455 For cascading again and again: DSC_0462

Hood #3: I just have no idea!!!


Hood #4: Spent the entire week lost in the recycling…DSC_0382 Hood #5:Dealt with some cupcakes…


And discovered he can read cartoons!!!DSC_0380

Hood #6: Spent hours mastering “the wink.” DSC_0419 Hood #7: Spent hours not actually mastering “the wink…”

DSC_0420 Hood #8: Passed his time standing around and clapping…DSC_0334DSC_0335DSC_0339 DSC_0461DSC_0460DSC_0459DSC_0458 And hanging out with his father person… DSC_0952

That’s us… Have a good week!!!


7 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.12”

  1. One of mine loves junk modelling and will go through the recycling cardboard bin, at the drop a hat. Everything has to be sticky taped together. I love seeing her do it, but I’m not very good at finding a way to store all of them. We did come to a compromise, where I would photograph the model, she’d keep it for a while and then it would be recycled.

    Looks like you all had a wonderful holiday.

  2. Hi Cheryl… Always nice to hear from you!!! Nearly all my kids can’t go past the recycling without foraging it!!! And then they stick it nooks and crannies around the house hoping I won’t notice and toss it!!! We have a rule – you may keep one working model… the rest go into the recycling bag on Fridays… the next week they choose again… Have a fabulous week!!!

  3. I love the not-“wink” picture. Isn’t she just the cutest?
    I’m so glad the hoods got all their excitement out of their system – just you wait until next year….

  4. Hi Irene… Yup we survived camp!!! And I was hoping it would fill my kids camp tank for a good many years to come!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  5. All of the sudden 9 looks sooooo big to me!!! What happened to my sweet little blankie baby. NOW he is a SWEET BIG BABY! They are all so precious. and that SNAIL pic— WOW— I think you should use that for your postcard swap.

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