The Week That Was – 3.13

We are in that strange part of the year where the weather can’t decide if it should burst into summer or linger on in winter. Needless to say the weather is somewhat confused. I must be honest our garden is in a despicable state… it always happen the first year of a child and the second year of life is spent entirely outdoors our garden re-emerges. The cycle of life and I always forget!!! So while our garden is somewhat hidden I am hoping that winter will linger a little longer and I can continue indoors till the days are slightly longer!!!
Here are a few more pictures from our drive home from the country early this week…

And we live across the bay…under the only patch of sunlight!!!


And these are the mountains I usually photograph from our house…


And lets face it I couldn’t think of anywhere more stunning!!!


And then into the nearest town to show our kids where we spent our first wedding night… only the hotel was gone!!! Talk about a shocker!!! Time has indeed moved on!!!


And the event of the week… well HAIRCUTS!!! Did we need them, and you can see just who enjoyed them the most!!!

Otherwise it was Spring break for schools this week and school holidays always means “club time” at gym and a whole week of gym every single morning… My kids won’t miss it!!! And they get a t-shirt for their efforts and they do their regular work in the afternoons and so keep pretty much up to date… Who can resist three hours of gym five days a week…

Hmmm I can!!! And I took my youngest two shopping a couple of times… I tell you shopping with a just one year old and a two year old is easy breezy compared to my typical “160 fingered tribe” I usually have to trail around. So we got a heap of errands done… and ended up at the Reader’s Warehouse (I just can’t think how that happened!!!). I know I might have mentioned how we love this place before but I have to say it again… We totally love this place… and grabbed a pile of books for nearly nothing!!! Not to mention scouted out a heap of potential Christmas gifts… (I didn’t just say Christmas!!!). So our books of the week are from the Readers Warehouse where I found a couple of Jane Bull books from DK Books… to add to our ever growing collection

Holiday Activity Book.jpg

Party Book.jpg

Otherwise we snuck in some time for parties and friends and fun…


And a little bit of mystery… The father person brought home roses on Monday, tulips on Tuesday and choclate chip ice-cream on Wednesday… I need to ask about that!!! Lovely what can I say!!!


And then he took a couple of hoods to the movies… shocking I know but most of our kids have never been to a real live movie… this was corrected in Saturday… 3D as well!!!


Meanwhile the contribution of the week on my keyboard would have to be this teeny tiny whipped bell tree – love it!!!


And the mini-world is continuously evolving!!!


And as usual we read a heap of books…DSC_0283

And this is what the Hoods got up to this week:

Hood #1: Spent as much time as he could in his Lego Kingdom…

Hood #2: Enjoyed a mid-week braai with friends…

Hood #3: Took on the laundry and won!!! Three cheers to my champion!!!DSC_0074

Hood #4: Some of us had more hair to lose than others…


Hood #5: Is on a “gotta catch up with my brother” track, learning to read as fast as he can…

That’s what happens when you have kids just over a year apart…


Hood #6: Kept a low profile… listening in on the supper conversation… and drawing endless masterpieces!!!


Hood #7: Was busy arting… new books can inspire one!!!


She is still working on her wink…
I’d say practice makes perfect… but in this case maybe not!!!

And she is passing through a passion for trucks and has a very obliging brother!!!

Hood #8: Discovered that someone elses toys are so much more fun than your own!!!


And the only way to survive long car trips is to stick your feet out and wait, very patiently mind you, for your feet to be tickled!!!


And spent hours sorting out his pirates…


So onwards to Spring…

That’s us!!! Have a fun week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.13”

  1. I just love “The week that was” posts! They are my absolute favourite 🙂
    Seeing what each of your precious little people has been up to is such fun! I feel like I have known you for years already 😉
    Hope the week ahead holds many more fun and happy times.

  2. Love these too!! So wonderful to be able to read it from so far away, for my kids too. Have a good week!

  3. Hay Jacki, from the far side of the world… always good to hear from you!!! Hope you have a brilliant week and that you get to explore some wonderful and exciting new things!!! Lots of love from all of us!!!

  4. loved this week’s post 🙂 160 fingers – never thought about that. That is indeed a thing to worry about when going shopping…..

    The father persons till has not explained the gifts?? Hmmmmm I want one of those then 🙂

  5. Hi Irene, Yup 160 fingers and that doesn’t include the adult fingers!!! And no there has been no explanation and I will take it as just my week of blessings!!!

  6. ay Jacki, from the far side of the world… always good to hear from you!!! Hope you have a brilliant week and that you get to explore some wonderful and exciting new things!!! Lots of love from all of us!!!

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