Happy Birthday Hood to Our Celebrity Chef, Hood #5 Turned Six…

There are two common themes in this little life: construction and cooking… And if it had to be just one well… cooking would win hands down!!! He still has to eat a meal that he hasn’t helped to prepare and he never visits a restaurant without a peek into the kitchen!!!


Let’s see… se7en things:

  1. Favorite Pastime: Zesting… I think he is working on “ten thousand hours” of zesting before he leaves home.
  2. DSC01061

  3. Food lover deluxe:
  4. DSC01976

  5. Career Choice: Pirate, of course!!!
  6. DSC06434

  7. Something He Should Own But Doesn’t: He has claimed my mezzaluna for all things chopable!!!
  8. DSC_0567

  9. If He Had All the Money in the World: This is what he would buy!!!
  10. DSC07396

  11. One of His Treasures: A Signed photograph from Jamie Oliver.
  12. DSC08097

  13. Other favorite pastime: Well he is very good at getting his shoes rusty and never wears matching socks!!!
  14. DSC_0382 And the Se7en + 1th thing. 

  15. The wearer of ties!!!
  16. DSC07580

Yes the Celebrity Chef is now six…


And finally growing into his cheeks!!!


Enjoy the snaps!!!


Hope it is a fabulous year for you my sweet and serious chef… and may you go onto to cook and conquer lots of wonderful things this year!!!

He has a brilliant roast dinner coming to you later in the week… watch out for it and wish you lived with a six year old chef!!!

13 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood to Our Celebrity Chef, Hood #5 Turned Six…”

  1. Tons and tons of birthday wishes from Indiana!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you had such long hair! You are a delight little man… hope your day was marvelous.

  2. Happy happy birthday to the chef from all of us!! Can’t believe you are six! May it be a good one!!

  3. Hi there KM, Isn’t funny how long his hair was – I had totally forgotten!!! We only cut it on their third birthday – and it grows and grows!!! I had forgotten just how big those cheeks were!!! Isn’t it such fun to look back!!!

  4. Hay Jacki, Can you believe time has flown so very fast – where on earth have I been!!! It feels like just this very yesterday that I spent a month lying like a whale reading Dr Seuss waiting for him to arrive!!! Hope you guys are having a fun week!!!

  5. he has grown into those cheeks…… LOVE the picture from the hairdresser. Happy birthday hood #5

  6. Oh I love the hairdresser pics too, Irene!!! Come over for a fab celebrity chef meal sometime – it’s been a while!!!

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