Se7en’s Teeny Tiny Toothpick Puppet Shows

My kids love and adore puppet shows and this week they made mini-puppet shows to demonstrate their story and they ended up playing with them for hours…


So here’s how to make your own mini puppet theatre in Se7en Steps:

  1. Start with a blank envelope and draw a window/stage…DSC_0627
  2. Snip your window out…
  3. DSC_0631

  4. Then you can add any number of backdrops by slipping them into your envelope…
  5. DSC_0633

  6. And I mean any number of backdrops…
  7. DSC_0637DSC_0635
  8. Then you need to make some puppets: We used toothpicks and blank stickers…
  9. DSC_0640

  10. Draw your puppet onto a blank sticker… the front on one sticker and the back on another.
  11. DSC_0656

  12. Sandwich a toothpick between your stickers…
  13. DSC_0641DSC_0659

    And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

  14. Either cut a slit in the bottom of your envelope or make a slit just along the base of the stage so that the storyteller can tell their story and manipulate their puppets.
  15. DSC_0663

And you are done:


Here are some of their stories…

Hood #1: This story told itself!!!


Hood #2: Once upon a time, on a dark, dark night. The giant library was in confusion. In the air was a fight between a dark witch and a white wizard. A bright flash, And darkness filled the room. When the darkness lifted the dark witch was unconscious and all was peaceful.


Hood #3: This is the story of the Selfish Giant…

DSC_0693 Hood #4: Once upon a time there was a ghost… and an evil ninja killed the ghost. He took the prettiest princess and locked her in the tallest tower. Then a most evil man looked after the princess and the sensei saved her, right at the very end.


Hood #5: One day some people on a dark, dark island were having a feast. When the feast was over. The forest went on fire and everyone ran away.


Hood #6: Once upon a time there was a forest with nobody going to be there. What was going to be happening? A storm came. And then there was nice grass and we all had a picnic.


That’s us – Have a fabulous weekend!!!

28 Replies to “Se7en’s Teeny Tiny Toothpick Puppet Shows”

  1. BEYOND AMAZING! I LOVE THIS! I’d pay big bucks to be in the audience. Your kiddos really know how to put on a show!

  2. Hay KM, I think we would pay Big Bucks to have you in the audience!!! Hope you are all well and having a fun weekend!!!

  3. Wonderful project, my daughter is going to love this idea, we were just looking at a much more complicated puppet theater, but I think this one is more out speed! thanks so very much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! All the best!

  4. Hi Bek, I am so glad you stopped by. We have used our toothpick puppet shows for so many things – acting out history and read-a-louds, they have been so fun!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  5. Oh Jeana, Your comment made my day!!! Thank you so much stopping by and leaving a comment!!! Hope you have the most fabulous weekend!!!

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