These Feet Were Meant For Walking…

Hood #8 has possibly the most well documented feet of all time!!!


Remember these fresh little feet, just born and resting in the hand of his biggest brother…

IMG_0742 And scrawny newborn legs attached to those feet… DSC06503 And the little heart of fresh feet… DSC06527 Remember how they would only sleep uncovered… DSC_0917 They would never wear socks… DSC_0527 They lingered far too long in the bath… DSC_0588 They have chilled out on the couch… DSC_0318 They have grown up to be grubby creepy crawly feet… DSC_0558 They have become so good at balancing… DSC_0784 And finally theses cute little feet are walking!!!

DSC_0948DSC_0949DSC_0950DSC_0951 Gotta love baby feet!!!

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6 Replies to “These Feet Were Meant For Walking…”

  1. Hay Irene – My replies are being swallowed today!!! I just want to agree… babies and their sweet feet!!! Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

  2. What a seriously exciting happening. Very well done Hood no se7en + 1. Have a great walk. Enjoy walking all the highways and byways with all the other hoods.

  3. Hay Granny Ant!!! Yup… his mobility knows no bounds!!! Walking is one thing… but the climbing and clambering is quite another!!! I think he is going to find a whole heap of his own adventures now, things that no-one else has thought of!!!

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