Se7en Steps to Quick, Curious, Creeping Bookmarks.

This weeks art project was short and sweet. We did a whole lot of arting and even more scientific fun!!! But we only managed to finish these:


And here is a super quick and easy project for all age kids to do:

  1. We used quick thick craft paper… that would absorb the water easily. We cut it into strips and rolled it over a pencil. And pinned it in place with a paper clip.
  2. DSC_0987

  3. We dabbed some dots and made some patterns on the paper using markers.
  4. DSC_0001

  5. We put a little bit of water into some cups and hung our paper strips into them. The paper was just touching the water.
  6. DSC_0004 DSC_0006

  7. The water creeps up the paper and as it does some of the dyes from the marker creeps up with it!!! Some of the colors travel at different speeds and you get a whole lot of lovely unpredictable patterns.
  8. DSC_0010DSC_0013DSC_0015
  9. We left them to dry completely.
  10. DSC_0059

  11. We set about with fine liners to add rockets to the colorful wooshes, whales to the swirling sea, dragons to the fiery breathe and fireworks to the sparkles.
  12. DSC_0158

  13. We stuck them onto card.

That’s it… short and sweet. Quick, Curious, Creeping Bookmarks. Have a fun week!!!

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  1. Hay JK, Thanks for visiting!!! I thought they would think they were too quick and easy but actually my kids really got into these and were completely engaged for ages!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

  2. Hi Cheryl!!! So good to hear from you!!! ANd I love all your apples!!! Just send us one of your trees across the internet!!! Lots of love…

  3. Hi CreativeJewishMom, Thanks so much for stopping by!!! We love being part of your link-up!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Hi Robin, Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, it is always nice to meet new readers!!! Wow – your website looks like a great resource!!! I will have to linger there longer over the weekend!!! Have a great week!!!

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