Saturday Spot: Se7en Visit Bihari Indian Restaurant in Fish Hoek…

In my mind one of the ultimate luxuries is having a great place to eat within walking distance of home… Anything to avoid loading eight kids in and out the car!!! And anything for a night out!!! So on Friday night we decided to try Bihari Indian Restaurant in Fish Hoek, which is literally within a block of home. Even the littlest legs could manage it!!! We were off and in for a lovely surprise!!!


Now first impressions count!!! And there was no horrified gasp of “eight kids” as we entered – already a big plus in my books!!! They quickly whipped up a table for ten and then left us to read menu’s and enjoy snacking poppadoms…


We placed our order and then to our surprise – and this has never ever happened to us before: We were invited into the kitchen to watch our dinner being prepared. Now mind the photos, they were taking in the heat of the moment literally and I was holding one hand and picking up another person to see everything at the same time. But seriously I have never been to a restaurant where they say: “Oooh, A table full of kids!!!! Can we show you how your meal is made…” Fantastic!!!



Here come our samoosas:


And our cucumber raita:


But watching the naan breads in the tandoor oven was the most fun!!!


First they roll it out by hand…


And then they stick it to the oven wall:



And then it was back to the table to try our samoosas:


The kids had wraps: chicken, lamb and vegetarian… a love the eager hands ready to dive in!!!

And some yummy naan breads and curry for us:


I loved all the little bowls with sambals and delicious little pots of things to try… I wasn’t alone!!!


Let’s just say they licked their platters clean!!! And I was a bit worried they wouldn’t want to eat exotic food! How wrong I was!!! And the one person who is nervous of trying new things was so impressed with the golden plate that he ate everything too!!! Seriously yummy food!!! And as for our celebrity chef… well he kept waving to the chef at the kitchen door, just being friendly!!!, and they were so professional and came over EVERY time to ask if everything was okay? It was… better than okay, we had a lovely time!!!

My first concern was if they do take-outs – yes!!! I could actually send my boys on an errand to collect lunch when we are running late with school or everyday!!! Though that might eventually get a bit pricy!!! We will definitely be back and if you are looking to try out an interesting eatery in Fish Hoek then we have found one for you!!!


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17 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en Visit Bihari Indian Restaurant in Fish Hoek…”

  1. Okay everything here looks absolutely delicious. This puts me in the mood for something with curry! 🙂

  2. Wow. A restaurant that invites two adults with se7en + 1 children in so warmly, and invites them all into the kitchen to watch their dinner being cooked must be very rare. What a wonderful place to know about and what a delight it must be to visit there.

  3. Hay Rana, Really fabulous!!! I am thinking of ways to earn pocket money to maintain a steady stream of visits!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

  4. Hay Granny Ant!!! They were fantastic… We had a really great time visiting and touring!!! Not to mention the food was great and the kids just about gobbled it up!!! Have a great week!!!

  5. What a FUN NIGHT OUT! I love that this place welcomed you with open arms… I never take all of my kids out to eat… maybe I’ll give it a whirl someday! :):) If you can do it with 8 I can surely do it with half that!!!!!!!!

  6. Hay KM, So good to hear from you!!! I can’t believe you don’t take all your kids out to dinner… it is such fun. There are other advantages too, for instance you don’t have to cook and you don’t have to clean up!!! And that is just the beginning!!! Think about it, while you are having a fun day!!!

  7. What a wonderful restaurant to be so warm and inviting to their guests. I am sure your children are already asking when you will all be going back again. And the walk there in the evening must have been fun for them too! Did your children manage the samoosas??!! Not too hot??!!

  8. wow, that sounds amazing, especially the preparation bit. The celebrity chef must have been really impressed. When is curry on the menu?

  9. Hi S, Aaah… who doesn’t like an evening amble on both sides of dinner!!! And they loved the samoosas. I never mentioned that the food “might” be hot and the kids never batted an eye!!! Have a good week!!!

  10. Hi Stephanie, How cool is this, I am so excited to find something right in our neighborhood!!! Lots of love to you guys!!!

  11. That place looks amazing!! I wish we lived closer to Fish Hoek but I am going to make a mental note for when we are nearby! (Our missions teams often stay in Fish Hoek!) Wow!

  12. Hi Caroline!!! So good to have you stop by!!! They do have a branch in Newlands – I know that isn’t much closer to you!!! And they are open for lunch if you are ever passing through Fish Hoek in the middle of the day!!! Lots of love…

  13. Hay Leslie!!! Thanks for visiting!!! Who knew Fish Hoek had such a great eatery!!! Hope you guys have a brilliant weekend!!!

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